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This past Monday I rode an early shift with the Sheriff’s Office in the wake of the shootings of two Jacksonville law enforcement officers, and the tragic killings of the officers in Kissimmee.  The only way to truly understand the challenges of the men and women protecting our streets is not to watch the TV news but to get out there in the streets with them.

Jay Fant

One thing is abundantly clear.  It is getting more dangerous for our first responders.  Drug and gang violence is spiking and the mainstream media aren’t helping things by demonizing law enforcement when they should be elevating it.

Attacks against our safety officers must stop.  I stand with our law enforcement community and believe that anyone who attacks a law enforcement officer in cold blood should suffer the full consequences of the justice system.

That is why I believe that Governor Rick Scott made the right call taking State Attorney Aramis Ayala off the case of the Kissimmee cop killer.  Ayala is the Orlando prosecutor who has gained recent notoriety by stating that she will never pursue the death penalty.  State Attorneys are responsible for representing the people of Florida against those charged with crimes, not for finding ways to cut murderers a break.

I’ve stated on the campaign trail for Attorney General that an enemy of law enforcement has an enemy in me.  We can all do our part.  Ride a shift with your police or fire department when you can.  Then share with all who will listen how our first responders are holding that thin blue line and that thin red line for our benefit and become advocates for public safety to critics.

No more State Attorneys weak on criminals, weak on gun rights, or weak on protecting Florida families.

LLW Masthead 1000 x 100