Not backing down: Beruff talks tough on Miami radio

by | Jun 29, 2016

Carlos Beruff isn’t backing down from Marco Rubio’s onslaught of opinion polls, endorsements and other demonstrations of political force. In a seeming one-two punch on WIOD talk radio in Miami, Beruff delivered a steady rhythm of jabs at Rubio’s chin.

Going on the air just after the 11am break, his interview segment followed on the heels of the Miami Herald’s Nancy Ancrum, a guest on the program in the previous hour. Ancrum talked at length about the Herald’s editorial position that Rubio broke his promise not to run, and that “the whole thing seems too orchestrated.

It’s no surprise that rank-and-file Republicans seem to care little for what the Miami Herald thinks, but it is worth mentioning (again) that two recent polls show Rubio stomping Beruff like a Trumper on a San Fran trolley.

Beruff followed Ancruff after the break with guns blazing, while host Fernand Armandi set him up for a few easy base hits, at one point asking Beruff to identify the difference between him and Rubio.

“I’m the geniuine article, he stands for nothing,” Beruff said. “You can fool people once but you can’t fool them twice.”

Asked if he agrees with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid when he said Rubio should be sued for his missed votes,  Beruff chose his words carefully:

“I agree with that segment of what he said, yes.”

When confronted with the ugly poll numbers, Beruff merely shrugged.

“I’ve been an underdog my whole life. At the end of the day, I got into the race for one purpose, to represent Floridians. I’m financially able to fund my campaign,” he said, adding that people should vote for him “If they want someone who financially doesn’t need to be in Washington.”

After spending millions in the early going to raise his name ID, Carlos Beruff doesn’t have much to show for it. At least not yet. But millions of dollars can work wonders in a statewide race. The only question is whether or not he’s got enough time, and the right message, to overcome Rubio’s advantage.



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