The Florida Chamber continues its emphasis on water quality issues saying there are fewer issues more important

by | Jul 19, 2019

Based on current population growth, it’s estimated Florida will need 20 percent more freshwater by 2030 to meet the needs of residents and visitors

“Florida is adding a 1,000 people a day. We’re going to add 6 million more residents in Florida in the next 12 years…and 50 million more visitors. So water matters,” said Mark Wilson, the president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber, in partnership with Brian Lapointe, a research professor at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, has released a new video focusing on water quality. 

The new water video released this week by the Florida Chamber of Commerce is echoing landmark Florida Keys Coral research showing nutrient-supercharged water from north of Lake Okeechobee contributing to water quality concerns.

The Florida Chamber has launched it’s latest in a series of educational water videos. This latest water quality video which points to 97 percent of water going into Lake Okeechobee coming from north of the lake – Kissimmee, and most of the contaminated water originating on the northwest side.

The newly released coral research, and the Florida Chamber’s 11th in a series of educational water videos, were led by top FAU-Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Research Professor Dr. Brian Lapointe.

“When it comes to securing Florida’s future, there are few issues more important than water,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber. “With 4.5 million more people expected to call Florida home by 2030, science-based data is key to meeting the challenges Florida faces.”

The educational water video also features water and environmental leaders:

  • Dale Gawlik, PH.D., Professor and Director of Environmental Science, Florida Atlantic University
  • Nyla Pipes, Executive Director, One Florida Foundation
  • Tommy Strowd, P.E., Director of Operations & Maintenance, Lake Worth Drainage District
  • Newton Cook, President, United Waterfowlers Florida
  • Jeff Couch, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bill Louda, PH.D., Research Professor, Florida Atlantic University
  • Marty McKenna, citrus grower

The latest video was released in connection with the Florida Chamber’s Environmental Permitting Summer School, happening this week in Marco Island.

Click HERE to view the entire series of educational water videos.



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