A new leadership team to guide Florida’s special districts overseeing everything from firefighting to mosquito control

by | Jul 8, 2019

They might not be the best known public officials in the state of Florida, but their decisions often have a direct impact on key public services that affect your lives on a daily basis — from mosquito control to water management, from drainage to firefighting.

There are more than 1,700 special districts in the state. The Florida Association of Special Districts’ (FASD) recently concluded its annual conference in June, when the organization held its yearly board election. The group voted to reelect 13 current members to the board, while electing four new members.

The newly elected board members include: 

  •     Mike Dillon, South Indian River Water Control District
  •     David Hoel, Lee County Mosquito Control District
  •     Kevin Sasser, Destin Fire District
  •     Nate Spera, St. Lucie County Fire District

Also, the Director of Administrative & Financial Services for Wellington and the ACME Improvement District, Tanya Quickel, began her second year as president of the organization.

“I’m honored to serve another year in this esteemed position with the remarkable peers who have been elected alongside me,” said Quickel. “The coming year brings new opportunities for the betterment of special districts and how we serve the folks who reside within them, and I look forward to leading this board forward.”

In addition to Quickel, other returning leaders and members include:

  •     Jim Millican, Lealman Fire and Rescue District
  •     Kevin Hart, South Broward Drainage District
  •     Dan Beatty, North Palm Beach County Improvement District
  •     Joe DeCerbo, Spring Lake Improvement District
  •     David Davis, South Florida Conservancy Drainage District
  •     Pat O’Quinn, Old Plantation Water Control District
  •     Dave Cambareri, San Carlos Fire District
  •     Dawn Mullins, Ranger Drainage District
  •     Todd Wodraska, Special District Services
  •     Jim King, Database Financial Services
  •     Brian Cottrell, Public Risk Insurance Agency
  •     Mary Hickey, Sanibel Fire & Rescue

The new leadership team aims to help spread awareness among the special districts in Florida about the benefits of FASD’s professional education and training in public service, among other goals. 

FASD was started in 1979 to provide support to leaders of the state’s special districts. 





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