A new report shows Florida’s Community Health Centers have a $2 billion economic impact on the state

by | May 2, 2018

A new report shows that Florida’s Community Health Centers had a record $2 billion economic impact on Florida last year, providing a return of $1.78 on every $1 the state invested in those centers.

The Community Health Centers provide primary and preventive care services to uninsured individuals in the state, diverting them away from more expensive emergency room visits and saving the state hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

The study was conducted by the Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC).

“Florida’s Community Health Centers have a history of consistently providing exceptional benefits to the people of Florida, and we are tremendously proud that we have passed the $2 billion threshold for the first time and our economic contributions are still growing,” said Andrew Behrman, FACHC’s President and CEO. “Thanks to the continued support of our communities, Community Health Centers will remain a major source of job creation – and most importantly, a medical home for millions of Floridians who need us.”

The report shows the Community Health Centers accounted for over 17,700 jobs last year in all 67 counties, directly employing 11,100 individuals and indirectly creating an additional 6,600 jobs.

Florida’s Community Health Centers deliver community-based, comprehensive health care services to over 1.4 million patients at more than 500 locations across the state. They provide health services to nearly 15 percent of Florida’s Medicaid population, but receive only 2 percent of the state’s Medicaid funding.

Each center offers primary care services that are unique to the needs of more rural and medically underserved communities.

The centers are funded by tax dollars provide by federal, state and local governments, as well as contributions from non-profit groups and foundations, and matching grants.






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