A “red wave” and “blue wave” of commercial ads in race for governor

by | Oct 16, 2018

With three weeks to go before the election, both sides in the race for governor unveiled a new wave of campaign ads (see below).

The Republican Party of Florida, in another sign of the importance of Hispanic voters in the contest, released three :30 Spanish-language ads. Two of them feature U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, the other Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón discussing why they support Ron DeSantis.

On the Democratic side, Andrew Gillum’s campaign launched an ad hitting on a common theme — accusing DeSantis of “voting for Social Security and Medicare cuts and his votes to raise the retirement age to 70.”

In one of the RPOF spots called “Gran,” Rubio says the difference between the two candidates and their policies couldn’t be any more different.

“There is no election that will have a greater impact on your daily life than the race for governor,” Rubio says. “The future that our families will have is at stake. That’s why I’m supporting Ron DeSantis. He understands the importance of the state helping your family prosper. DeSantis is a veteran of the Iraq war with a clear vision, and I know he will be a great governor.”

In the second Rubio spot, called “Intereses,” Rubio talks of what he calls “extreme left” forces that are backing Gillum’s candidacy.

“There are special interests from the extreme left, that are not from our state, spending millions of dollars in the governor’s campaign race,” Rubio says in the second ad. “They are looking to force their agenda which goes against the interest of our families here.”

The third RPOF spot features Congresswoman González-Colón, the Resident Commissioner representing Puerto Rico. It’s called “Lo Conozco.”

“Elections are to choose who will work for you. That is, Ron DeSantis. A War Veteran. An Effective legislator,” González-Colón says. “A Believer in equality. He looks out for our community. I know this first ha”nd. Because in congress he has been one of our best allies. Giving support and efforts for our recovery. DeSantis is approved, I know him. We have worked together for Puerto Rico. That’s why today, I am asking you to vote Ron DeSantis for Governor.”

The Gillum ad hits on a continuing theme: health care and other social benefits, like social security, that Democrats accuse DeSantis of wanting to take away from people. The ad, called “working,”  features comments from workers edited together.

“I’ve been working my whole life.

We work long hours.

We dig we get dirty.

It’s a physical job I’m on my feet all day long.

I have definitely earned my retirement. 

But in Congress Ron DeSantis voted to raise the retirement age to 70 for social security and Medicare,” the workers say.

And DeSantis voted 5 times to cut social security and Medicare benefits to give more tax breaks to billionaires.”

The Gillum campaign claims DeSantis  is trying to hide his plans to cut the healthcare and other benefits.

“It’s no surprise Ron DeSantis has refused to release a healthcare plan — because his record is clear: slashing Medicare and Social Security and even to raising the retirement age,” said communications director Johanna Cervone. “Ron DeSantis’ record speaks for itself and as governor, he’d continue these attacks on hardworking Floridians. Ron DeSantis does not have Floridians’ best interest at heart, and he has shown it over and over again.”

In a second spot released Tuesday the candidate’s wife, R. Jai Gillum, calls her husband a “fighter” who will fight for the people.

“One thing that I can tell you about my husband is that he’s a fighter” said Gillum. “As governor, he will fight for affordable healthcare, better schools and cleaner air and water. He’ll be a governor who fights for the people.”







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