A Trump Cabinet Post for Governor Rick Scott?

by | Nov 9, 2016

Rick Scott’s friendship and support of Donald Trump is well known. But he also has deep ties to the Trump team through a nexus between former members of his 2010 campaign and his early administration, that could help propel him into the national spotlight.

Trump’s Florida state director, Susie Wiles, managed his 2010 campaign. Mary Anne Carter has been with Trump early on this cycle, and spent the closing weeks in Florida with Wiles. She served as Scott’s chief policy advisor (and defacto chief of staff in early 2010). Tony Fabrizio is the architect of Scott’s improbable win in 2010, and did polling for Trump in his equally improbable upset last night. Karen Giorno has been with Trump since the early days and rumored to remain in relatively close orbit to the now President-Elect. She served as Rick Scott’s Director of External Affairs from 2011-2012.

Karen Giorno Senior Advisor an Trump for President

Karen Giorno, Senior Advisor to President-elect Donald Trump, is a Rick Scott administration alumni. 

Given Scott’s vocal support of Trump throughout the race, it’s not inconceivable that he might enjoy enormous influence with the new president for the final two years of Scott’s term as Governor. That assumes, of course, that Trump doesn’t make Scott an offer he can’t refuse to serve in the Trump Administration.

There’s plenty of time for more speculation like this, but given the outcome of this election, it’s never too early to start trying to understand how Florida’s political future might be reshaped in the coming weeks and months.



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