A Woman’s Pregnancy Center marks 25th anniversary of Tallahassee’s March for Life

by | Mar 8, 2020

Saturday marked the 25th anniversary of Tallahassee’s “Walk For Life 2020,” hosted by A Woman’s Pregnancy Center. The event aimed to raise awareness of all that the center has to offer, including low-cost STD testing, free pregnancy tests and ultrasound exams.

Prior to kickoff, attendees milled about, enjoying free coffee courtesy of Paper Fox Coffee, a petting zoo / bounce house for young children to enjoy, and a fire truck for guests to walk around and see what happens in the line of action.

During the event, attendees heard from the center’s staff, and a guest speaker mom, Amanda, who was in an abusive relationship and sought guidance from the counselors at the center. They were able to give her the resources she needed to choose adoption for her future child, while remaining in contact with the staff. She is 8 months pregnant.

“Every child is a gift from God”, said Executive Director Jamie Brown. “We are so thankful for you all for joining us this morning, and most of all, choosing to stand up for life.”

Since the 2019 March for Life, 303 babies have been saved from the brutal reality of abortion. “This year, we’ve hit our highest number ever. And because of you all, it’s been possible to do so,” Brown told the crowd.

The fundraiser garnered over $126,000 which came from churches and individual donors. More than 30 groups sponsored the event.

According to the fundraising page, the donations will be used towards:

  • Offering the option of life to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies
  • Sharing the good news of Christ’s love, forgiveness, and the hope of a bright future
  • Providing low-cost STD testing and lifestyle counseling to those with the need

The short, two mile walk took place at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum, just off of Mahan drive.

To get more involved in the Tallahassee pro life movement, be sure to check out the center’s Facebook page:

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