Accelerate Miami-Dade collaborates with Microsoft to tackle unemployment

by | Oct 8, 2021

Microsoft Corp., in collaboration with private- and public-sector partners, announced the launch of Accelerate Miami-Dade on Friday.

The program aims to bridge the digital skills divide and provide a pathway from skilling to employment for Miami-Dade residents. According to Microsoft, those interested in Miami-Dade can start their journey toward their career reinvigoration today, with programs, events and opportunities available now.

“As Miami-Dade builds its economy back in the wake of COVID-19,” said Deb Cupp, president of Microsoft U.S., “the Accelerate program expands economic opportunity and provides the skills needed to support an inclusive, equitable recovery. We’re proud to work with our civic, learning and corporate partners to bring this program to the county.”

Microsoft said the Accelerate program brings together a unique set of public and private partnerships specific to Miami-Dade to address the county’s need for economic growth and jobs through digital skilling. The program will also look to create a local pipeline that empowers individuals both to learn skills for high-demand jobs and support connections to hiring opportunities.

“We are committed to making sure that everyone in Miami-Dade can participate and take advantage of the technology boom of our time by expanding access to learning opportunities that open the door to new, better-paying jobs,” said Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. “I’m thrilled to launch this partnership with Microsoft to accelerate our residents’ technology skills, especially in the most underserved communities. Our community needs better access to technology education at all ages, and this program will help us accomplish that.”

The initiative supports the needs of Miami-Dade locals impacted by the global pandemic and racial inequities in access to education. Miami-Dade, like other counties, faces an increased unemployment rate and has a large population tied to COVID-19-impacted industries such as manufacturing, financial services, transportation, tourism and professional services in the region.

Accelerate Miami-Dade is the latest U.S. implementation of Microsoft’s global skills initiative, an ambitious plan to help people worldwide acquire new digital skills, and furthers recent commitments from Microsoft and LinkedIn to help 250,000 companies make a skills-based hire in 2021.


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