AFP-Action starts seven-figure campaign targeting Bill Nelson’s record on health care

by | Oct 5, 2018

Americans for Prosperity Action is targeting U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in what the group says is a seven-figure media campaign that will include a digital ad and direct mail. The campaign is called “Bill Nelson Has Had 30 Years” and attacks the Democrats record on health care.

“If you gave an elected official three decades to fix health care, what results would you expect?” the announcer asks in the digital ad.  “Nelson has had 30 years. Nelson voted in favor of Obamacare, lining the pockets of his donor friends while raising costs for everyone else.”

The campaign underscores the importance voters have placed on health care in this year’s election.

“Nelson supported the individual mandate, punishing those who couldn’t pay,” the ad goes on to say. “Higher costs, less access. Bill Nelson had 30 years and made health care worse. He doesn’t deserve another six years.”

“Bill Nelson’s vote for the failed health care law punished Florida families with higher insurance premiums — 84 percent higher — and lined the pockets of pharmaceutical companies,” said Chris Hudson, senior advisor to AFP-Action. “Bill Nelson has had 30 years to fix health care and didn’t do anything. He doesn’t deserve another six.”

Most recent polls indicate the race could be a toss-up. The most recent survey, which was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy and released earlier this week, shows Nelson with a slim 1-point lead over his Republican opponent, Gov. Rick Scott. Nelson received the support of 47 percent of the voters polled while Scott received 46 percent. The results are well within the poll’s margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent.

Polls have also shown that health care is one of the issues most on the minds of voters this year. A University of Florida poll releaed last moonth asked voters what are the most important issues of this year’s election. Twenty percent said education followed closely by health care and environment tied with 18 percent.


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