AFP-FL endorses Jim Boyd and Jennifer Bradley for re-election

by | Jun 18, 2022

Americans for Prosperity Action Florida (AFP Action-FL) rolled out another round of Florida Legislative endorsements on Friday, backing State Senators Jim Boyd and Jennifer Bradley for re-election.

In a press release, the conservative advocacy group touted the Republican duo, noting that Boyd and Bradley earned AFP Action’s endorsements based on their support for “responsible government regulations and reform efforts that break down regulatory barriers that deny opportunities and limit individual success.”

“Sen. Boyd and Bradley understand that government regulations, no matter how well-intentioned, can erect roadblocks to businesses, workers, and families seeking opportunities and pursuing their dreams,” said AFP Action Senior Advisor Skylar Zander. “Re-elected to the State Senate, they will continue to seek reform opportunities to clear the roadblocks and allow people greater freedom to improve their lives and wellbeing.”

The support marks the third set of endorsements this week from the political arm of Americans for Prosperity. On Monday, AFP stamped its seal of approval on five Republican lawmakers running for state office in 2022. They followed that announcement up on Wednesday with another wave of endorsements, again backing five additional state legislative candidates.

Boyd, who represents Senate District 21, was elected in 2020. Prior to his stint in the Senate, the Bradenton Republican served eight years in the Florida House. AFP’s political committee touted Boyd for carryng the torch on telehealth services during the COVID-19.

“Sen. Jim Boyd supports legislation that will get the government out of the way of parents by empowering them to choose education solutions that are best for their children, including charter schools. He also supported telehealth reform to make it easier for Floridians to see a doctor and receive care during a crisis such as COVID or for people who are less mobile and have difficulty leaving their homes for medical care,” AFP said in a press release. “Sen. Boyd also voted for legislation to save the state pension program by phasing out the old system and allowing new state employees to receive 401(k)-style benefits. In 2020, the state pension system had $36 billion in unfunded liabilities.

Bradley, a lawyer from Clay County who was elected to Senate District 5 in 2020, also drew high praise from AFP for spearheading legislation aimed at removing red tape and promoting Florida’s lifeblood.

“Sen. Jennifer Bradley championed legislation that allows restaurants and other food service businesses to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages. This legislation was important to businesses that were struggling to survive during the pandemic and recovery. Upon signing the legislation, Gov. DeSantis thanked Sen. Bradley for her leadership and for being ‘ready and willing to create common-sense reforms that got government out of the way and increased opportunity for Florida businesses.’ Sen. Bradley is also the sponsor of legislation to simplify the regulatory process around mixed-use development and affordable housing.



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