Ahead of election, DeSantis approval nears 60 percent

by | Apr 25, 2022


Gov. Ron DeSantis’ approval rating reached a new high at 59 percent, according to a poll conducted by the St. Leo University Polling Institute, a three-point increase from the last approval rating poll conducted last fall.

DeSantis’ rating received a boost after the governor took stances on topics like Critical Race Theory, parental rights, and child welfare, receiving support across the state and the nation at large.

The poll shows that more than half of respondents (59 percent) say they approve of the job Governor Ron DeSantis is doing, while 37 percent disapprove. 4 percent responded that they are unsure.

“Governor DeSantis is benefitting from a strong economy and a lack of COVID cases in the state over the past few months,” said Frank Orlando, director of the Saint Leo University Polling Institute and political scientist. “While he gets lots of national attention for provoking the ire of liberals on things like masking, it doesn’t seem to hurt him in Florida, and in fact continues to raise his national profile.”

St. Leo asked respondents about how they would vote in potential matchups featuring DeSantis and Democratic gubernatorial challengers if the November 2022 election was held on the day they completed the survey.

In the case of DeSantis versus Charlie Crist: 49 percent selected DeSantis, 32 percent said they would vote for Crist, and 18 percent were unsure.

In the instance of DeSantis versus Nikki Fried, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, DeSantis was chosen by 51 percent of respondents while Fried was selected by 27 percent. 22 percent were unsure.

“As long as the governor’s approval ratings remain in the upper 50s [percentage], it’s hard to see him losing in 2022, which promises to be a strong year for Republicans nationwide,” said Orlando. “Due to increased name ID, it’s important to look at the percentage of respondents supporting the incumbent. Being close to 50 percent in all three of the races means that he is in a relatively powerful position moving forward, but we should expect tightening once the Dems pick their nominee.”

In a question regarding “notable and possible candidates” for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, former President Donald J. Trump and DeSantis topped the list among the Florida poll respondents at 64.3 percent and 55.5 percent, respectively.

The Saint Leo poll also posed a scenario in which Trump was not a candidate. Respondents overwhelmingly say they would choose DeSantis at 66 percent with former Vice President Mike Pence receiving the next highest percentage at 27 percent.


  1. Tom

    His approval and re elect are greater then being transcribed. He will clearly annihilate n fraud with 55%, Camillion crist 53% plus. They have no chance.
    None, waste of time for Dems.

    • Jena Mayers-Peraino

      Not sure who you are polling but obviously not real Floridians. Bc I think Desantis is horrible definitely no good for Florida only care about the rich and his friends he sucks I’m a born and raised floridian and hes destroying Florida doesn’t even care how were truly suffering here disgusting

      • Anonymous

        Ron de Santis is articulate, quick witted and very smart, quite a change from our current stumbler in chief.

      • Moi

        LOL. Your English sucks. Did you finish high school? I bet not. Let me guess you are a freeloader. Real Floridians are very happy with DeSantis. You need to move to California your utopia state.Florida is kicking butt, the only ones complaining are people like you. Losers, lazy punks.

        • Donald Reid

          To be fair, when DeSantis was first elected I saw him as a policy wonk- no charisma, like a “Trump-light wannabe”.
          But I was wrong. After the schmooze of Biden has fallen flat, ppl aren’t interested in smooth and slick. They want COMMON SENSE RESULTS. And common sense has been in short supply lately. DeSantis has a backbone, inner strength of conviction, fidelity to honest values, and the sharp focus to get it done- without the drama. Color me very impressed. The only negative about DeSantis running for prez would be, what do we do now for keeping the ship of our state afloat?

      • Mitch Boxx

        Hahaha Wow! Yeah, he didn’t shutdown the state as much as others wanted. I doubt he effected your life to that degree. let me guess, your political affiliation is democrat. He did way better than other states during the pandemic and tried to keep Florida moving & working.

      • Regina Hambrecht

        I am a Floridian and I as well as everyone I know love him!!!

  2. thelastbesthope

    If democrats think things are bad now, just wait until millions of parents who just wanted to be left alone get fully involved. The Virginia election ap-parent-ly taught the donkey party nothing.

    Leftist tyrants in politics, media, culture, education, corporate America (Disney) have recklessly poked the Mama Bear.

    • Christopher Harris

      Well said, Mama Bear!! This family — all 6 of us — will clearly be voting for DeSantis!! In fact, we are all voting REPUBLICAN down the line in alllllllll future elections. Everyone has had it with the democratic party. VOTE REPUBLICAN DOWN THE LINE FOLKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Nothing like blind following to show a lack of intelligence instead of looking at the right candidate regardless of party. I cannot believe how people like this say other people are sheep….. use your brain instead of following a color

        • Moi

          Says the moron that likes Dems. Lol, enjoy your inflation and high crime. Soon be unemployed unless you are a freeloader lib.

      • Anonymous

        Same here. Me and my family vote republican down the line. no exceptions

    • Mitch Boxx

      I have no political affiliation. But I will be voting for Ron Desantis. I should changed my affiliation because I’m fed up with Democrats.

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