AIF poll: inflation, insurance top voter concerns; GOP leads in registration

by | Jan 19, 2024

An Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) poll released on Thursday identifies inflation and insurance as top concerns for Florida voters, with Republicans leading in voter registration and preferred on several key issues, despite a Democratic inclination among Independents.

Inflation and the insurance crisis are the top concerns for Florida voters heading into the 2024 general elections, a poll released on Thursday by the Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) Center for Political Strategy indicates.

According to the poll, 23 percent of Florida voters identified inflation and lowering the cost of living as their primary concern, closely followed by 21 percent who are worried about the insurance crisis. Other key issues include illegal immigration (14 percent), housing costs (10 percent), and abortion access (10 percent).

In terms of party preference, the poll indicates a 46 percent to 40 percent lead for a generic Republican candidate over a Democratic one, with 14 percent of voters still undecided. However, independent voters appear to be more inclined towards Democratic candidates, with 39 percent favoring Democrats compared to 28 percent for Republicans.

“We’re seeing an interesting trend throughout the state where Independent voters are skewing more Democratic than Republican,” said AIF Vice President of Political Operations Jeremy Sheftel. “As election season gets closer, it will be important to monitor this trend to gauge which way Independents will break come Election Day.”

The ideological divide between the two major parties is also evident, as 37 percent of Republicans identify as “very conservative,” while just 22 percent of Democrats consider themselves “very liberal.” Conversely, 34 percent of Democrats describe themselves as moderate, compared to 19 percent of Republicans.

On specific issues, Republicans are perceived as more capable of handling crime, education, and the economy, whereas Democrats are preferred for healthcare. However, a majority of voters (55 percent) believe neither party is effectively addressing the high property insurance costs, and 34 percent feel the same about inflation and everyday costs.

As of November 30, Florida’s voter registration statistics show Republicans leading with 5,159,681 (38 percent) voters, followed by Democrats with 4,460,829 (33 percent) and Independents with 3,921,123 (29 percent).

AIF data also highlights a growing trend of Hispanic voters registering as Republicans (32 percent) compared to Democrats (25 percent), with many (43 percent) choosing to register as Independent. The GOP has seen increased registration across all age brackets and media markets, particularly among voters aged 55-64 and in the Tampa area.


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