AIF releases roster of 2022 legislative endorsements

by | Jul 19, 2022

  • AIF backed several Republican and Democrats running for office on Tuesday
  • The business group interviewed more than 80 candidates over the past three months, asking them a series of questions on issues important to the business community
  • AIF also took voting records into account

The Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) released its roster of endorsements for legislative races in Florida.

AIF stamped its seal of approval on nearly 100 incumbents and candidates running in the House and Senate on Tuesday. The “Voice of Florida Business” said they interviewed more than 80 candidates over the past three months, asking them a series of questions on issues important to the business community around the state of Florida.

AIF noted in a news release that endorsements were issued on the answers given during these interviews. The business group also took the voting records of elected officials running for re-election or another seat into account.

“This year, AIF continued its long-held tradition of reviewing and speaking at length with candidates so that we can help better inform the business community about who will fight for pro-business policies and initiatives,” said AIF President and CEO Brewster Bevis. “Governor Ron DeSantis and the Legislature have built a state that businesses and people are flocking to, but we want that to continue, and we believe these are the best legislative candidates to make that happen.”

In the Senate, AIF announced its support for Senator Doug Broxson (SD 1), Jay Trumbull (SD 2), Corey Simon (SD 3), Clay Yarborough (SD 4), Senator Travis Hutson (SD 7), Senator Tom Wright (SD 8), Senator Keith Perry (SD 9), Senator Jason Brodeur (SD 10), Blaise Ingoglia (SD 11), Colleen Burton (SD 12), Senator Dennis Baxley (SD 13), Jay Collins (SD 14), Kamia Brown (SD 15), Senator Darryl Rouson (SD 16) Senator Linda Stewart (SD 17), Nick DiCeglie (SD 18), Senator Jim Boyd (SD 20), Senator Ed Hooper (SD 21), Senator Joe Gruters (SD 22), Senator Danny Burgess (SD 23), Senator Bobby Powell (SD 24), Senator Ben Albritton (SD 27), Senator Tina Polsky (SD 30), Jonathan Martin (SD 33), Senator Shevrin Jones (SD 34), Senator Lauren Book (SD 35), Senator Ileana Garcia (SD 36), and Alexis Calatayud (SD 38).

AIF also backed a slew of House candidates, including Representative Michelle Salzman (HD 1), Representative Alex Andrade (HD 2), Griff Griffitts (HD 6), Franklin Gallop (HD 8), Representative Sam Garrison (HD 11), Dean Black (HD 15), Lake Ray (HD 16), Jessica Baker (HD 17), Representative Paul Renner (HD 19), Representative Bobby Payne (HD 20), Representative Chuck Clemons (HD 22), Representative Ralph Massullo (HD 23), Representative Keith Truenow (HD 26), Representative Tom Leek (HD 28), Chase Tramont (HD 30), Representative Randy Fine (HD 33), Robert Brackett (HD 34), Representative Fred Hawkins (HD 35), Rachel Plakon (HD 36), Susan Plascencia (HD 37), Representative David Smith (HD 38), Charles Hart (HD 39), Bruce Antone (HD 41),  Representative Kristen Arrington (HD 46), Dan Marquith (HD 47), Jennifer Canady (HD 50), Representative Josie Tomkow (HD 51), John Temple (HD 52), Jeff Holcomb (HD 53), Representative Randy Maggard (HD 54), Kevin Steele (HD 55), Brad Yeager (HD 56), Adam Anderson (HD 57), Audrey Henson (HD 60), Representative Linda Chaney (HD 61), Representative Traci Koster (HD 66), Representative Fentrice Driskell (HD 67), Representative Lawrence McClure (HD 68), Representative Andrew Learned (HD 69), Representative Mike Beltran (HD 70), Representative Tommy Gregory (HD 72), Representative Fiona McFarland (HD 73), Tiffany Esposito (HD 77), Representative Jenna Persons (HD 78), Representative Adam Botana (HD 80), Representative Dana Trabulsy (HD 84), Representative Toby Overdorf (HD 85), Representative John Snyder (HD 86), Representative Mike Caruso (HD 87), Representative David Silvers (HD 89), Andy Thompson (HD 91), Representative Rick Roth (HD 94), Representative Dan Daley (HD 96), Representative Chip LaMarca (HD 100), Jordan Leonard (HD 106), Representative James Bush III (HD 109), Vicki Lopez (HD 113), Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera (HD 114), Alina Garcia (HD 115), Representative Juan Fernandez-Barquin (HD 118), and Representative Jim Mooney (HD 120).

AIF added that they do not endorse in every race, including races with multiple qualified candidates or races that are unopposed. They also left the door open for additional endorsements in the future depending on the outcome of certain primaries.

“We encourage Florida business owners to support these AIF-endorsed candidates, as they are committed to helping create an environment where businesses can continue to grow and thrive in the great state of Florida,” concluded Bevis.


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