Airbnb reports $15.6 billion economic impact in Florida for 2023

by | Apr 19, 2024

Airbnb injected $15.6 billion into Florida’s economy in 2023, while concurrently supporting 183,600 jobs.

Airbnb contributed $15.6 billion to Florida’s economy in 2023 — the most of any state in America — while supporting 183,600 jobs, the company reported.

The platform’s activities brought additional cashflow to local sectors beyond traditional hospitality, boosting small businesses and services. According to an economic report published by the platform, Florida saw the highest spending in restaurants among states, with guests spending nearly $5 billion.

A separate report published last month disclosed that Florida saw an increase in tax revenue generated by Airbnb hosts last year, accruing more than $387 million.

The figure illustrates a 25.6 percent uptick in comparison to 2021 when Airbnb reported $308 million in tax revenue generated. For the third consecutive year, Florida was the top beneficiary of the platform’s tax revenue.

“We’re proud to share that we have collected and remitted more than $10 billion in tourism-related taxes to governments on behalf of our global Host community. As jurisdictions in the US and Canada manage budget deficits, the tourism taxes generated by stays on Airbnb continue to be a valuable source of revenue for many communities,” the company said in a statement. “Cities leverage these tourism tax dollars to fund various initiatives – from destination marketing to critical services such as police, infrastructure, and libraries.”

Other states also saw increases last year. California generated $212 million, while Tennessee airbnb hosts generated $125 million. North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas brought in $125 million, $98 million, and $98 million, respectively. In total, Airbnb reports $2.2 billion in tourism taxes across all 50 states in the US, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico for 2023.

In 2023, Florida 2023 saw a total of 135.0 million visitors, with 122.9 million domestic visitors, 8.3 million overseas visitors, and 3.8 million Canadian visitors, according to Visit Florida.


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