Annette Taddeo hauls nearly $500k in just 24 days

by | Jul 12, 2022

  • Annette Taddeo has raised $460,000 in just 24 days of her Congressional District 27 campaign being operational
  • Taddeo holds a 36-point lead over primary challenger Ken Russell
  • Taddeo is unable to use funds raised in the duration of her gubernatorial campaign for the CD-27 race


Three and a half weeks into her campaign, Congressional District 27 candidate Annette Taddeo reports $460,000 in fundraising totals, indicating strong traction heading into next month’s primary race against Miami Commissioner Ken Russell.

Taddeo’s campaign shifted gears in June, leaving the gubernatorial race where she largely played the third wheel to Rep. Charlie Crist and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried, entering the CD-27 election with a stated purpose to unseat the incumbent Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar. A recent poll shows Salazer and Taddeo in a statistical tie for the general election.

“Our campaign is building the foundation to flip FL-27 blue. The outpour of support in the short amount of time we’ve been in this race is amazing. Let’s get this done,” said Taddeo on Twitter.

Taddeo holds a 36-point primary lead over Russell, according to a recently released poll. The baseline test shows that Taddeo is able to parlay her 64 percent name awareness advantage over Russell’s 42 percent into a comfortable lead. The Taddeo campaign utilized a similar polling metric as the Nikki Fried gubernatorial campaign in conducting a secondary poll that provides respondents with a positive informational reading on candidates. In this format. Taddeo added an additional 40 percent to her lead.

Russell, however, shows signs of momentum, raising over $500,000 in the second financial quarter from 734 unique donors. The Miami City Commissioner now holds $475,000 on hand.

“Even without the establishment support, I raised over $500,000 for the fundraising quarter. The support shows that people are looking for a different type of candidate who focuses on getting things done rather than do-nothing politicians,” said Russell. “Voters are tired of what’s going on in both Washington DC and Tallahassee.”

“Miami voters are ready for change and they are ready for Annette Taddeo. If our first 24 days are any indication, we’re going to have the resources necessary to take our message to every corner of this district and flip this seat in November,” said Jennifer Khosla, Taddeo campaign Finance Director

Shortly after the announcement of her Congressional campaign, Taddeo received a series of endorsements from lawmakers including Crist, Lois FrankelDebbie Wasserman Schultz, and former lawmaker Donna Shalala.

Taddeo in early June terminated her gubernatorial campaign, opting to run in what is widely considered one of Florida’s most tightly contested elections. Republicans now have a slight advantage in the district thanks to the new congressional maps supported by Gov. Ron DeSantis, but it is still one of the most evenly divided in the state.

“This race isn’t about any one person, it’s about choosing the best candidate to defeat Rep. María Elvira Salazar in November and return real representation to Florida’s 27th district,” said Taddeo’s campaign manager Nick Merlino. “In just the last few weeks since officially declaring for this race, the support has been overwhelming. This poll confirms what we already knew, that we’re the best campaign to build the coalition of voters necessary to flip this district in November.”


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