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by | Sep 6, 2016

Just a few quick housekeeping notes at The Capitolist…we’re still here, but recovering from Hurricane Hermine. As of 3pm on Tuesday afternoon, our world headquarters on College Avenue in downtown Tallahassee still did not have working internet, but that should be rectified by Wednesday.

In the meantime, we’ve enabled anonymous comments on the website (mobile app users: your experience may vary, but we’re working on that too). Here’s how it’s going to work: those leaving a comment will need to type in a name and email address. It doesn’t have to be real. That means that you can sign in using a fake name and email and build an online identity that way, but not have it link back to you. There are pros and cons to doing it this way, but for now I think it’ll be a whole lot more fun if people can stab others in the back when they aren’t looking.

Please avoid vulgarity, especially f-bombs and other potty-mouthed phrases. I realize sometimes there’s just no other word to describe certain people (looking at you, Dan Bongino), but do your best. Generally, f-bombs in your comment will result in the automated filter blocking your comment from being published. Other foul language will be similarly filtered, but I can’t possibly pre-load every last cussword into my filter, so if you get lucky, maybe you can guess one or two that I left out.

Stories we’re working on:

  • What is Leon County doing to investigate all those missing county generators?
  • Why is Marco Rubio at odds with a major national political organization that would usually support him?
  • Who are the real winners and losers of last week’s primary – given that Adam Smith decided to fall down on the job?
  • Is Paul Renner still viable as a potential House Speaker candidate in 2022?
  • How did one species of bird survive man-made and natural disasters, only to get a death sentence from the one group sworn to protect it?
  • Why is Gwen Graham a better candidate for governor in 2018 than Bob Buckhorn?
  • And so much more…

So, there you have it. And…lookee there…just below, a comment section, waiting to be filled with your vilest thoughts and most creative insults.


  1. Capitolist Commenter

    To post as anonymously as a guest, just click “pick a name” and then click “I’d rather post as a guest.”

  2. Slick Willy

    Cool new feature.

  3. Slick Willy

    Oh boy this is going to be fun.

  4. Faking Hoaxer

    Really? All I have to do is make up a name and I can post total made up garbage too?

  5. BrianJBurgess

    Testing the system…

  6. Leon

    God Willing, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will end when Zionist Israel gives Palestine back to the Palestinians.

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