Anthony Sabatini tees up congressional bid

by | Mar 8, 2021

Republican State Representative Anthony Sabatini has his eyes set on a higher office, choosing to take his brand to the ‘big leagues’ of politics.

Sabatini is sowing the seeds for his future in the political arena following rumors that the ardent Donald Trump supporter would be looking to catapult his career and expand his ‘America First’ message. The firebrand conservative, who represents District 32 in the Florida House, is officially launching his campaign for Congress on Monday in his home of Howey-in-the-Hills.

“I’m making a HUGE campaign announcement,” Sabatini teased on Twitter Sunday. “It’s time for America-First Conservatives to stand up and fight! Join me and fellow patriots on Monday, March 8, as we take on the radical left and revive America.”

Expected to run for a new office, Sabatini has dropped subtle hints that he may be departing his position in the Florida House to ride the public service escalator to new heights as the 2022 election cycle nears. Apart from various breadcrumbs on social media, the Army National Guard officer quietly removed his state title from his public Facebook page mere days before his announcement. Sabatini also went on record in February, telling The Capitolist that he was potentially setting in motion a run at a Florida Senate seat that comes open next year.

But any prior trailer by Sabatini has now revealed itself as a full-blown spoiler, and the Republican says he’s shifting his attention from state politics to the national stage.

“I officially filed paperwork this morning, Sabatini told The Capitolist prior to his press conference. “Taking our country back begins with taking our party back. “We need more America-First conservative fighters in Congress—no more America-Last moderates.”

Moving vertically makes more sense for Sabatini’s career as redistricting is set to take place later this year, opening up a potential opportunity for the Clermont attorney. When new borders are drawn, Florida is expected to gain two extra U.S House seats in 2022, potentially giving Sabatini a fresh seat to expand his platform.

Springboarding to Capitol Hill is also a no-brainer politically, as Sabatini’s unfiltered style translates better to the brighter spotlight where other outspoken Republican officials like U.S. Representative Thomas Massie and U.S. Senator Josh Hawley have picked up the MAGA mantle in Trump’s absence.

According to his new campaign website, Sabatini will be running in Florida’s 11th Congressional District, pushing conservative principles like cracking down on Silicon Valley, safeguarding the 2nd Amendment, and creating term limits for politicians.

That seat is currently held by Republican U.S. Representative Daniel Webster. Sabatini, however, believes the district is where the new seat will emerge — based on population — following the upcoming reallocation of congressional districts.

“District 11 is the 3rd most Pro-Trump and Conservative out of 27 in Florida,” Sabatini says on the website. “We need a representative who will NEVER back away from our America first values.”

Webster, however, released a statement shortly after news broke, speculating that Sabatini would run against him before affirming that he would not take “reelection for granted.”

First elected to the state House in 2018, Sabatini remains one of the most followed lawmakers in the state of Florida, with a growing social media presence. At the time of writing, the Howey-in-the-Hills Republican is nearing 52,000 followers on Twitter and boasts an additional 20,000 followers on his public Facebook page. Sabatini regularly uses his platform to promote his agenda, casting a major political footprint that has earned him a fair share of supporters — and detractors — in the Sunshine State.

Despite receiving backlash for his approach, Sabatini has openly embraced where he stands on issues. Never the one to shy away from critics, he often can be seen regularly tweeting his opinion on issues and taking part in sparring sessions with celebrities and media personalities who want to see the conservative go down in flames. Suffice it to say, Sabatini has embraced a more populist approach, which has endeared him to many in his district and has earned him soft endorsements from GOP leaders like Congressman Matt Gaetz — which could prove valuable in a post-Trump presidency.

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  1. John

    Sabatini hasn’t done anything for his constituents in Lake County. He’s just another crooked fascist politician trying to enrich himself and bring down democracy.

  2. Carol Knighton

    Anthony Sabatini is exactly the firebrand Conservative we need in Washington!

  3. GD

    By the next election Trump Chumps along with trump will be at the bottom of the bag rotting in their own bigotry as the US moves on and Trump maybe in jail..

  4. mwalker

    Little tony tough guy is a walking/talking dingleberry!!

  5. Randal

    Exactly Sabatini, has never done nothing for Lake County, and never will. He’s never kept his word on anything!
    However, he will continue to fuel his EGO at other expense what a Clown.

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