Anti-DeSantis group makes final pitch to Florida voters ahead of Election Day

by | Nov 7, 2022

  • Florida Watch and Progress Florida launched the watchdog group, DeSantis Watch, in July to hold Governor Ron DeSantis accountable
  • The collaborative project seeks to shine a spotlight on the “failures of Governor Ron DeSantis” and inform Florida voters about his “future political ambitions”
  • DeSantis Watch made its last pitch on Monday in an ad titled “Our Time”

An anti-DeSantis watchdog group is making one final plea for Floridians to vote out Governor Ron DeSantis on Election Day.

DeSantis Watch, a watchdog group tasked with holding Florida’s governor accountable, released a new ad Monday “highlight the opportunity voters have to make their voices heard.” The video, titled “Our Time,” shines the spotlight on DeSantis’ leadership, lambasting the popular governor for “attacking freedoms” and favoring certain Floridians.

‘We believe in a Florida where freedom belongs to all of us. A Florida where no matter what you look like, where you’re from or who you love, we are all free to live our version of the American Dream. But for the past four years, Governor Ron DeSantis has been attacking our freedoms,” the ad starts.

“While Ron DeSantis has focused on his own political ambitions, Floridians have been left behind. Skyrocketing housing costs and utility bills, books banned while students were left without full-time teachers, and patients denied the care they need due to Ron DeSantis’ abortion ban without exceptions to rape and incest,” the ad continues.

“Now is our time to make our voices heard, our time to build a Florida that works for all us, where freedom isn’t a campaign slogan, but a promise for a brighter future. Our time to end Ron DeSantis’ political career and vote for a free and prosperous future for all. This is our time,” it concludes.

Ahead of Tuesday’s election, Democrat Charlie Crist remains a long shot to defeat DeSantis. According to recent polling, DeSantis maintains a double-digit lead over Crist.

Despite the odds, DeSantis Watch is using its grassroots message, urging voters to remove DeSantis from the Governor’s Mansion.

“Floridians deserve a state where freedom is more than just a campaign slogan,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “While Ron DeSantis has been running for president by stoking division, the people of our state are still struggling to pay the bills as the powerful special interests funding his campaign rake in record profits. For every Floridian who wants a brighter future where everyone has the opportunity to live their version of the American Dream, Election Day is our time to make it happen!”

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  1. theunvanquishedtruth

    When has DeSantis EVER stated a policy against gay marriage? He supports a policy that blocks sexual and “gender identity” discussions with children under the age of 8! Only a pedophile or groomer would be opposed to such a policy. Teachers are NOT counselors and do not have degrees or certifications in that area. Therefore, they should NOT be counseling kids and saying things like “Oh, you act like a boy. You are really a boy in a girl’s body.” I was a tomboy. I wore dresses in K-6 because we had to, but shorts were always underneath the dress so that I could hang upside down from the monkey bars and jump out of the swings. I played football, basketball, baseball, built and defended forts in the woods around my neighborhood and I could climb anything. The only reason I ever regretted being a girl was the greater freedom for boys and the pedophiles who always seemed to try to grab me (5 attempts before the age of 11) i tried to take woodshop instead of Home Ec because I was already an accomplished cook at the age of 13 making dishes like Stroganoff and Bouef Burgandy. So instead of learning something new, the Home Ec teacher got a 7th grade teacher assistant! Groomers and pedophiles riddle our schools, after all they contain their preferred targets. Parents and other teachers need to watch for such behaviors. In Jacksonville, youth counselors, scout leaders, elementary teachers, high school teachers, middle school teachers, SROs and guidance counselors have all been outed over the last ten years as pedophiles guilty of touching, photographing or raping the very people they are supposed to protect! We do not have sex education classes in elementary school. However, my parents both sat me down at the age of 9 and explained the human reproductive system and the truth of child predators. I had an Uncle (by marriage) who had left PA under a dark cloud and who got caught with an very underage girl here in Florida. I was told by the adults in my family to make certain that I was never alone with him. He would constantly try to get me to go with him to get ice cream and tell me that I didn’t need to let anyone know where we were going. I would reply that my parents always had to be told where I was. I didn’t resent this, because they told me the reasons for their vigilance. Teachers should teach, not proselytize! They can groom their OWN children and keep their hands off ours!!

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