As machine recount deadline approaches, questions remain about Palm Beach County results

by | Nov 15, 2018

As the 3 p.m. Thursday deadline for local election officials to submit results from their machine recounts in the three statewide races for U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner approaches, it appears that all but one of the state’s 67 counties will turn in their numbers on time.

The only county at risk for not meeting the deadline is Palm Beach County which said it didn’t have the equipment to meet the deadline in the first place and then the machines they did have started overheating causing further delays.

“We’re in prayer mode to finish on time,” Palm Beach election supervisor Susan Bucher said Wednesday. “We’re doing everything in our human power possible to make this happen.”

Reports from Palm Beach’s election warehouse where the recount is being conducted indicate there wasn’t much activity Thursday morning, just hours before the deadline.

State law requires that any county that fails to meet the deadline must submit their original vote totals to the state.

There are motions still pending in the courts that would grant an extension of the deadline for Palm Beach County.

As of Thursday morning, Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign said 55 of the state’s 67 counties had completed their machine recounts.

“More than 50% of Florida’s votes have been recounted,” the Scott campaign said in a statement sent out Thursday morning. “The margin has shifted by 51 votes.

“Bill Nelson and the liberal groups backing him have filed lawsuits to disregard Florida law and count unlawful ballots,” said Scott campaign spokesman Chris Hartline. “When the machine recount is complete this afternoon, Nelson will have to decide if he wants to preserve his legacy and go out with dignity or if he wants to be forever remembered as the guy that liberal interest groups used in an effort to win the presidential election two years early.”


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