As the Iowa Caucus melted down, Andrew Gillum trashed Florida and himself

by | Feb 4, 2020

By now anyone who follows politics knows that Iowa fumbled the political football on Monday night, failing to announce any results whatsoever, as late as 4am Eastern Time. CNN was in full rage mode, which is understandable given the network had already been forced to cancel a one-hour special planned over the weekend when polling results were found to be tainted. Last night, Wolf Blitzer and a slate of high-powered guests were on stand by to announce the results of the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucuses.

As the talking heads twiddled their thumbs for hours on end, CNN began to trash Iowa and the state Democratic Party.

“Embarrassing,” Wolf Blitzer declared. “Give us some information on this delay! Hour after hour.”

Others had equally harsh words.

“It’s starting to look like a debacle,” said Van Jones.

But there was one guest who saw an opportunity to bash his home state of Florida. Andrew Gillum, a regular contributor to CNN, made an appearance last night, and took an easy shot at Iowa by using Florida as a foil.

“Finally, there’s a state worse than Florida,” Gillum declared.

It only went downhill from there. Gillum compared Iowa’s situation to historical vote tabulation problems in Florida, except instead of laying the blame at the feet of incompetent election supervisors like Brenda Snipes, Gillum played the race card (again) by lamenting that Florida’s problems seemed to occur at higher frequencies in “brown” or “black” communities in Florida.

Playing the race card has become default mode for Gillum, who did it repeatedly in the 2018 governor’s race against Ron DeSantis.

But that wasn’t the worst thing Gillum did last night. After discussing some of the presidential candidates’ reactions to the lack of caucus results, Gillum dropped the revelation that if he were a candidate in Iowa who thought he might lose, he would undermine the ultimate outcome by calling the entire process into question.

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz caught the remarks and called him out on Twitter:

Gillum later contradicted himself, and his own past actions, by calling on the presidential candidates to proceed with caution:

“Unless there is proof that there was something illegal, untoward, that took place during this period of time of waiting, I think we oughta pump our brakes, hold our horses, and let’s just see what comes out. It’s unacceptable but let’s see what comes out.”

Gillum remained on the program for at least an hour after that point and managed to avoid any further damage to himself or his state.


  1. Marie

    Gillum isn’t worth the time to talk about. He is a communist minded fool. Another one of Soros puppets being used to destroy our freedoms whether you are Asian, black, white, or brown, he wants to destroy our countries worth. They will be wealthy and the rest of us people will be poor living like they do in Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, etc. Soros hates that we have the right to choose how we live. He is banned from Russia and other countries, he is a control freak and believes he is God. He owns over 300 companies and has stocks in others. He can be wealthy, but no one else. He wants control, and so far he is in control of the Democrats. He is a follower of Saul Alinsky, and Hitler, as is Hillary and Obama and Sanders, Bloomberg, etc. and Buttigieg is a Marxist like his father was, his father was a Marxist professor at Notre Dame . Soros uses the democrat’s like puppets on a string for his destruction of the USA as he has planned to do for over 60 year’s, his nephew is married to Chelsea Clinton. He pays our home grown terrorist’s that go around assaulting people who object socialist/communism, he used Clinton, Bush, Obama, to divide this great nation. The Democrat have been dead for year’s before it was run by the Mafia today by someone more evil (Soros). We are doomed if any Democrat gets elected as President or in Congress, Senate or Governor’s or any political office because there is no more Democratic Party. Wake up people.

    • TED

      Ridiculous wingnut blarney, Marie!

  2. TED

    Gillum’s absolutely right! Over the last 22 years, Florida Republicans have trashed both voting rights and home rule – ANYTHING to screw “The People” – ESPECIALLY Democratic people – and minority groups – and the college and university student vote. But – that’s what Republicans do – suppress voting and their constituents rights in favor of special monied interests and abject authoritarianism

  3. Cassandra Jackson

    Thank you for your eye opening comments.As a female black republican your comments to me is a breath of fresh air

  4. aaCharley

    Who was that Florida fellow who was caught with the voting machine in the trunk of his car? What political party was he associated with?

    When the election in that state was closely monitored in Bush’s second run, he carried it easily.

    Gillum is All Communist, All the Time. If he had focused on workable economics vs. election rigging he might be electible.

  5. Ferdinand Berfel

    More nonsense spouted by leftist TED – without a shred of evidence, references, links, etc.

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