Bob Rommel reflects on ‘Reagan’ and the fight against socialism in new ad

by | Oct 5, 2020

State Representative Bob Rommel released his first campaign ad of the general election cycle, reflecting on President Ronald Reagan‘s leadership and accomplishments, as well as the fight to end socialism.

The 30-second spot, titled “Reagan,” shows the Naples Republican discussing his admiration for the former president as he parallels Reagan’s fight against socialism with the new “Democratic socialism” adopted by the political left.

“You know, I love Ronald Reagan. He did win the Cold War, but the fight against socialism goes on — this time against the Democratic Party taken over by the radical left,” Rommel says in the ad.

“They burn down our cities and blame the police. They shred our Constitution and they destroy our free markets,” he continues. “And the only wall they tear down is the one protecting America.”

With the country still dealing with violent protests and a movement to “Defund the police,” Rommel said Americans must reject such radical ideas in order to preserve the nation and re-establish the rule of law.

“Since 1919, the United States has been fighting against socialism and communism, and now Democrats are campaigning around the nation on the idea of ‘Democratic socialism.’ It’s never worked anywhere before and taking away people’s individual liberties certainly won’t work either,” Rommel said following the release of the ad.

“The choice is clear: either you believe in protecting individual liberties and free-market principles, or you believe in socialism.”

Rommel, who has represented Florida’s 106th District since 2016, has carved out a reputation of being a legislator who champions small businesses and fights to lower taxes for consumers across the state. He has also fought for tax cuts and reform, spending reform, regulatory reform, and lawsuit reform.

He will be taking on Democratic challenger Sara McFadden on Nov. 3.

Rommel won the race in HD 106 over McFadden with almost 67% of the vote in 2018.


  1. James M. Mejuto

    Does this guy even know what is Socialism and how it works?
    I guess this Reaganite believes Socialism is the same as Communism. This is a far-right
    Trumper who probably believes the earth is flat.

  2. John

    Communism and socialism are not the same thing. Republicans want to tie socialism to communism in order to abolish Social Security and Medicare. They also created the $1 trillion deficit tax cut for billionaires. Was this not socialism for the wealthy? Now because of these unnecessary tax cuts and the ensuing deficits, they want to use this as a reason to cut Social Security and Medicare. Republicans have shown their hand for years and have been honing their narrative to take power by disenfranchisement, eliminating healthcare and abolishing Social Security and Medicare.

  3. Jlpollok

    Will Mr rommel let us know if he. Believes mr.trump’s behavior as president is acceptable behavior.

  4. Carol

    You are so right. He is an uneducated fool who stands by the party even if he doesn’t understand the logistics of politics.

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