Both Democratic and Republican governors place their focus on Andrew Gillum

by | Aug 30, 2018

The Democratic and Republican Governors Associations aren’t wasting any time getting involved in Florida’s race for governor, indicating the significance the two associations are placing on the contest in this year’s midterm election.

But, both groups initial involvement is focusing on just one candidate in the race. Andrew Gillum.

The DGA announced today it was donating $1 million to Gillum’s Forward Florida political committee to help Gillum in his battle against the Republican nominee, Ron DeSantis.

“Winning the Florida governor’s race is a top priority for the DGA this year,” said Elisabeth Pearson, executive director of the DGA. “This significant investment will help Mayor Andrew Gillum build off his inspiring primary victory and continue spreading his positive message across Florida.”

On the other side, the RGA launched a video and digital campaign targeting Gillum for what the RGA calls “the unending stream of scandals, unethical conduct, and corruption surrounding Radical Far-Left Democrat Andrew Gillum.”

The RGA campaign features a :30 video (see below) and a website that asks “Who is Andrew Gillum?” It focuses on Gillum’s past legal problems during his years serving as Tallahassee city commissioner and mayor.

Specifically, the campaign touches on an investigation into the misuse of city-owned email software to send political messages and the ongoing FBI investigation into allegations of public corruption involving certain officials in city hall. It also focuses on Gillum’s failure to report more than $400,000 in mortgage debts on campaign finance reports.

“Radical Far-Left Democrat Andrew Gillum’s entire political career has been tainted by corruption,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “From a major FBI investigation to his Costa Rican vacation with lobbyists and undercover FBI agents to his abuse of official public resources for political gain, Andrew Gillum has consistently failed to uphold the public trust. Andrew Gillum can’t be trusted to be honest or keep Florida on the right track.”

The investigation into the misuse of the city’s email software ended with a grand jury report blaming Gillum’s chief of staff for making the decision to use the software and not Gillum.

The FBI investigation continues, but Gillum has insisted he is not the target of the the federal  probe. The case does, however, focus on individuals who have close ties to Gillum.

As for the failure to report the mortgage debt, Gillum said it was an oversight.


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