Brian’s Suggested New Years Resolutions for Florida’s Top Leaders

by | Dec 28, 2017

In this week’s episode of The Capitolist TV show, we make a few suggestions for Florida’s top elected officials and candidates who may be struggling to come up with ideas for 2018. And by “we” I mostly mean “me” since I can’t deny that I said them out loud, but if you think all of these were my ideas, you’re giving me way too much credit.

Lampooned in the monologue this go-around:

  • Adam Putnam
  • Gwen Graham
  • Andrew Gillum
  • Richard Corcoran
  • Joe Negron
  • Rick Scott

I apologize in advance, these jokes are all in good fun. It’s a Facebook video, so remember to turn up the volume and like our page!


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