Caden DeLisa takes over as Managing Editor at The Capitolist

by | Jan 3, 2024

While Caden DeLisa manages day-to-day newsgathering operations, Capitolist founder Brian Burgess will return to his original role as publisher

Happy New Year. With the arrival of 2024, The Capitolist is delighted to announce some big changes to its editorial team. Caden DeLisa, previously serving as Capital Reporter, has been promoted to the role of Managing Editor, taking over that responsibility from The Capitolist’s founder, Brian Burgess. DeLisa will oversee all aspects of day-to-day newsgathering and content creation in this new capacity at The Capitolist.

Caden, a Florida State University alumnus, brings an impressive academic background, coupled with prior experience at News Bling and WVFS Tallahassee, and now more than two years of daily news coverage of both inside Florida’s capital and major news stories around the state. That combination of experience positions him perfectly for his new role.

Brian, the founding force behind The Capitolist and its original publisher turned Editor-in-Chief, returns to the role of the website’s publisher for the first time since 2019. This shift allows him to focus on broadening The Capitolist’s impact and reach, while also contributing regular opinion and analysis columns and related support projects.

The Capitolist, since its inception, has been an unabashed center-right digital news platform delivering insightful and comprehensive coverage and analysis of key issues affecting Florida’s business, policy and political sectors. In addition to playing a key role as a media watchdog and critic, The Capitolist’s focus on industries vital to the state’s growth, such as energy, healthcare, agriculture, telecommunications, tourism, financial services, insurance, and gaming, has established the publication as a critical resource for understanding Florida’s dynamic economy and political scene.

Today’s leadership changes mark a new chapter in The Capitolist’s journey. With Caden at the helm of editorial operations and Brian providing strategic oversight and expert analysis, The Capitolist is poised to enhance its coverage and continue its mission of delivering nuanced, in-depth reporting on the intersecting worlds of Florida business, policy, and politics for years to come.


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