Calling it “historic,” Rick Scott campaign announces it raised $10.7 million for second quarter

by | Jul 9, 2018

Calling it “a historic amount that surpasses any other national Senate campaign,” Gov. Rick Scott released his second quarter campaign contributions showing his campaign raised more than $10.7 million dollars during the past three months.

The Scott campaign says that total is the result of donations from 8,000 contributors, 80 percent who live in Florida. More than 75 percent of those donors gave less than $500  — an apparent attempt to counter claims by Democrats that Scott is being funded by out-of-state, big money investors.

“Florida families have had enough of career politicians in Washington who care more about their own jobs than the well-being of the families they serve,” Scott said in a statement. He added the fundraising efforts are “sending a message to Washington that the time of career politicians is over – and our momentum is not slowing down.”

The news release says the $10.7 million “does not include any candidate contributions.”

It’s believed that Scott, who entered the race for the U.S. Senate against Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson on April 9, has provided his campaign with some of his personal wealth due to the large number of political spots produced by the campaign early on.

“Americans across the country have made it clear that they are ready to have a real leader in Washington, and every single dollar raised puts us one step closer to electing Governor Rick Scott to the U.S. Senate,” said Tom Hicks, Scott’s national finance chairman. Hicks is a Texas investor who is a former owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

“This historic more than $10.7 million fundraising quarter shows that the opportunity to elect Governor Rick Scott and send a career politician back home has Floridians more excited than ever before,” added Darlene Jordan, Scott’s state finance chairwoman.

Nelson has yet to announce his second quarter fundraising numbers. He reported raising $3.2 million in the first quarter and, at that time,claimed to have $10.5 million on hand.



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