Spaceman Bill Nelson makes rough re-entry in Naples Congressional primary

by | Aug 12, 2020

Bill Nelson and Mitt Romney got cash from two candidates seeking the GOP nomination in CD-19. 


A new radio ad airing in Southwest Florida and funded by Club For Growth Action has dredged up political fossil Bill Nelson and milquetoast Mitt Romney, using them as blunt objects to bash a pair of pols seeking the GOP nomination in Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

The ad highlights the questionable campaign contributions made to Nelson and Romney by CD19 GOP candidates William Figlesthaler and Casey Askar, and wonders aloud why neither of the men donated to President Donald Trump‘s campaign.

The spot was produced by long-time Club For Growth ad man Nelson Warfield, who did similar work for Rick Scott in 2010, 2014 and 2018, the last time to help him defeat then-Senator Nelson. The race in CD-19 has turned nasty, but Club For Growth, which champions conservative economic policies including tax reductions, limited government and a balanced federal budget, has made it clear in June they believe former state lawmaker Byron Donalds is the best man for the job.

While it is unclear how much Club for Growth Action is spending on this particular ad, the group has spent heavily to promote Donalds in recent weeks.

This latest ad features two bowlers striking up a conversation that reveals CD19 candidate William Figlesthaler once contributed to the former Democrat senator. The ad gets in a gratuitous side-swipe at Nelson, reminding GOP primary voters that the long-time career politician was never an actual astronaut, but merely a “space tourist” who cashed in on his congressional clout to get himself a free ride aboard the space shuttle.

After that, the two bowlers compare Figlesthaler with his rival, Casey Askar, calling him a “Romney Republican.” That sort of political slur will undoubtedly cost Askar more than a few votes before next Tuesday.

Listen to the ad here.

Here’s the full script of the ad:

V1: Nice strike, Floyd.

V2: Hey Earl, remember Bill Nelson?

V1: Liberal Democrat in office forever? Astronaut or something?

V2: More like space tourist. They put him on the shuttle once, strapped him in a seat and he bragged about it forever.

V1: Yep. That Bill Nelson. Rick Scott beat him. So . . .

V2: So why did William Figlesthaler write Bill Nelson a fat campaign contribution check?

V1: Dr. Fig funded that fella?

V2: Stop.

V1: You gotta laugh. Figlesthaler claiming to be a conservative after he backs a liberal like Bill Nelson.

V2: Same as Casey Askar.

V1: Askar! The Romney Republican. He can’t say why he sent thousands to Romney for President but not one dime to Trump against Hillary.

V2: Yep. Money talks. And it says: You can’t trust Figlesthaler OR Askar to stand with Trump in Congress.

Paid for by Club for Growth Action. and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Club for Growth Action is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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  1. John

    This is a very weak ad that appeals to only those that support the oligarch Koch Brothers and creates more division within the Republican Party.

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