Chamber poll: DeSantis holds strong job approval, leads 2022 challengers

by | Aug 6, 2021

Governor Ron DeSantis boasts a strong job approval rating and single-digit lead over his Democratic challengers, according to a new poll conducted by the Florida Chamber.

The latest poll shows DeSantis with a strong job approval rating of 54 percent, receiving 87 percent support from Republicans and 52 percent from NPA’s. Additionally, the Chamber’s statewide poll shows nearly all Florida voters support Florida’s local businesses, with 92 percent of those polled expressing confidence.

“COVID-19, job creation, and the economy are the leading issues Florida voters care about,” said Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson. “Thanks to the leadership and swift action taken by Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature, COVID-19 liability protections were signed into law, allowing Florida’s economy to remain open and jump to the 15th largest economy in the world – and voters clearly appreciate a Governor who does the right things.”

When looking ahead to 2022, new analysis shows Florida has almost 14.5 million registered voters. Democrats’ lead over Republicans has fallen to only 62,602 registered voters, the lowest gap in modern history. For the first half of 2021, new NPA registrations have outpaced voter registrations for either major party.

“As the Florida Chamber’s political team monitors political trends across Florida, the trends in voter registration clearly show Republicans steadily gaining ground over Democrats across Florida each month,” said A. Duda and Sons, Inc. Senior Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, and Florida Chamber Political Council Chair Tracy Duda Chapman. “Their analyses shows these trends put Florida just months away from Republicans having a voter registration lead for the first-time in Florida history.”

The statewide poll also found that DeSantis is in a strong position heading towards 2022, holding a solid lead over both potential Democratic challengers heading towards his re-election campaign.

The Governor currently holds an 8 percent lead over a former Florida Republican governor turned Democratic Congressman Charlie Crist, benefiting from 85 percent support from Republicans and 50 percent support from NPA’s. DeSantis also leads Crist among NPA’s by 8 percent.

DeSantis also enjoys a 9 percent lead over Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, benefiting from 85 percent support from Republicans and 49 percent support from NPA’s. DeSantis leads Fried among NPA’s by double-digits.

The political poll was conducted from July 26 – August 4, 2021 by Cherry Communications during live telephone interviews of likely voters, including 236 Democrats, 248 Republicans and 126 Others for a total of 610 respondents statewide. The poll’s margin of error sits at +/- 4 percent.


  1. GD

    You wish. Other polls put Crist ahead and growing because how badly DeSantis has made Florida #1 in covid, we will not forget.
    Nor will we forget his taking local control away in many areas he’s becoming a little dictator.
    And his running around the country campaigning for president, selling us out to ALEC instead of fixing Florida has not gone unnoticed either.

    • Dave Manning

      What the hell state do you live in? Gov. DeSantis has ceded more control to Floridians during Covid than any other sitting governor. I haven’t heard or seen anything from Gov. DeSantis or his office about running for president although a majority of Americans think he would be a great President. Actually, from the perspective of the fraudulently elected idiot that sits there now, almost ANYone would be better.

      • Anonymous

        And your evidence that Biden was elected with “fraud” is what exactly?

        I’m a life long conservative Republican and I’m sick of these attacks on the election which are based entirely on Trump’s delusions.

        • kelvinskye

          Anonymous, Too bad I only stumbled across this site by accident today….but perhaps my posting will help inform you and others. There’s enough factual information to fill pages.

          I’m a life long independent voter, and a computer scientist with nearly a half century of experience on some of the most advanced projects humans on this planet have ever undertaken. I’m also a qualified expert witness for courtroom testimony in digital forensics, and I have the education, globally recognized certifications and experience to back up what I’m saying. Anyone interested in learning more can contact the Capitolist and ask them to forward a message to the email address I used to allow me to post this comment….then we’ll figure out how to meet up somewhere in a public place to have a conversation, preferably witnessed by someone in authority who has more education and experience than a member of the media.

          There are plenty of indicators of fraud, and direct evidence of fraud, but as far as I can determine, not one law enforcement agency at any level anywhere in the nation took action. Here are just a few clear indicators of fraud justifying that detailed audits and investigations should be performed in all 50 states. There is no statute of limitations for voter fraud as far as I know.

          Judicial Watch informed the State of Georgia Secretary of State that more than 4,700 absentee voters who voted in the 2020 election used non-residential addresses to register. That is illegal under Georgia law. At least 9,989 GA voters used the address of county and state government buildings and hotels or motels as their residential address. This is not allowed under GA law. This information is well documented on the Judicial Watch website.

          In the state of Michigan, the forensic investigation of the Dominion machine used in Antrim County showed someone intentionally deleted all the ballot adjudication log files for the Nov 2020 election. The only reason people delete log files is to cover their tracks (I know this from experience). This was also a Federal crime. Under 52 USC 20701, all primary records in a Federal election are required to be saved for 22 months after an election. Ballot adjudication log files are primary records. They are required to be saved in case an election is contested, and an audit needs to be performed to verify election results……like what is happening right now in AZ.

          In the state of PA, elected state officials violated state election laws to change the election process. Only the state legislature is allowed to change/define election law, not a Governor, Sec of State, or any other elected/unelected official. This information is well documented, and can be found fairly easy with an Internet search. Someone had to threaten to sue the State of Michigan to get this information publicized.

          Go look up and read Judge Amy Totenburg’s Oct 11, 2020 opinion in the U.S. Federal District Court (Atlanta) case of Curling vs. Raffensberger (the GA Sec of State). It was brought against the Georgia Secretary of State in an effort to prevent the use of Dominion machines in the 2020 general election. I didn’t get more than a dozen pages into it before I started making phone calls to officials in various States and members of Congress……there’s plenty of solid information in that court case alone documenting the technical deficiencies and cybersecurity vulnerabilities in those machines.

          Totenburg’s opinion included detailed information from expert witness testimony from nationally recognized cybersecurity professionals substantiating a lot of deficiencies – for example, the machines print non-human readable bar codes on voter receipts, the voter has no way to validate the Dominion machine actually tabulated their votes as they selected them.

          Dominion used a Serbian based software shop for software development. That is foreign involvement in a U.S. election.

          If election observers have little to no information technology or cybersecurity background or training, it is very easy for a trusted insider to manipulate a system without anyone even noticing. Because in many states it appears Dominion made the State’s officials sign NDAs, and didn’t provide password access to voting systems, the vendor had all the control…..that’s an industry worst practice when it comes to Cybersecurity, and presents so much risk that the entire election results can not be considered verifiably or valid.

          We have a real problem as a nation, and if We the People, who are the government as defined in the Constitution, don’t properly address what happened and ensure people end up charged with crimes and prosecuted, we don’t have to worry about future elections – because we will have allowed our nation to become a totalitarian state almost overnight.

  2. kelvinskye

    Note: I made a slight mistake in my posting above. The sentence about someone having to threaten to sue the state of Michigan should have been at the end of the sentence describing the Antrim County Michigan forensic investigation, not the paragraph talking about the State of PA.

    My apologies for this mistake.

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