Champ and Chump of the Week – 6/12/20: Lenny Curry and John Morgan

by | Jun 12, 2020

At the end of every week, we praise a political playmaker, “swipe left” on the week’s biggest political loser, and explain what it all means for Florida’s political arena. 

👍🏆 CHAMP: Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry

Champ of the Week

Pulling off the biggest heist since the Baltimore Colts relocated to Indianapolis in the middle of the night, Curry struck gold this week when the city of Jacksonville secured the Republican National Convention (RNC).

The official announcement arrived in the form of a video release from Jacksonville’s Mayor: the city checked it’s schedule, and has decided it can easily squeeze in a series of keynote events that will highlight the RNC’s nomination of President Donald Trump.

“It’s official! We are thrilled to host the Republican National Convention this August and look forward to sharing with the rest of the country the things that make Jacksonville, and our people, so special,” said Curry in a press release. “We are confident Jacksonville is able to host a successful convention for our visitors on this expedited timeframe and look forward to the future opportunities for our residents, workers and business owners. Jacksonville isn’t just any city. Here in the River City, we do things big and bold and we’ll be ready.”

Curry followed up the announcement with a well-produced video spot, putting to rest any concerns that Jacksonville isn’t “big enough” to handle the events.

“Jacksonville, I know what you’re thinking. Are we big enough, bold enough to host the RNC? If you think you know Jacksonville, think again,” Curry said in the slick ad touting what the River City has to offer.

“What city would take on the Republican National Convention with just 75 days to pull it off? Probably not many. But Jacksonville isn’t just any city,” he continued.

While not directly involved in the planning, Curry’s pedigree speaks for itself. The Jacksonville Mayor has an advantage few other mayors can boast about: he was Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida in 2012, when Florida hosted the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Given his qualifications and name recognition, we’re certain he’ll deliver a convention to remember.

👎❌ CHUMP: Trial Lawyer John Morgan

Chump of the Week

Florida’s version of Scrooge McDuck, Morgan, the state’s biggest trial attorney, continued his crusade to line his pockets while simultaneously destroying businesses across the state.

Morgan and Morgan, one of Florida’s largest personal injury law firms, have been ramping up television ads seeking business owners and other plaintiffs to target insurance providers in an attempt to score payoffs for business interruption claims — despite the fact that most insurance policies do not cover pandemics.

Lawyers looking to cash-in on fear and frivolous lawsuits are nothing new in the Sunshine State, but given the rise of coronavirus across the state, everyone from insurers to business owners could soon see the crosshairs placed on their livelihoods.

The move is just the latest attempt by Morgan to bankrupt those seeking to make an honest living. Also on tap for the Orlando lawyer is a $15 minimum wage push this November, which would be the coup de grâce for many businesses that have managed to withstand the pandemic.

If these recent television ads are any guide, business owners across the state of Florida and around the nation should be bracing for higher insurance rates and a spate of settlements and payouts in the near future.

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  1. James M Graber

    Carriers:Take this all the way up the legal food chain. Don’t take the expedient way out, unless your are OK with having others write your policies.

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