Chris Sprowls appoints Alex Andrade to the Florida Talent Development Council

by | Aug 22, 2022

  • Sprowls announced the appointment in a news release on Monday
  • The Council is administered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
  • “Thank you to Chris Sprowls for the vote of confidence! It’s been an honor working with you to improve Florida’s workforce training programs and promoting our outstanding education system!” Andrade said on Twitter

House Speaker Chris Sprowls appointed Representative Alex Andrade to the Florida Talent Development Council on Monday.

“I am proud to appoint Majority Whip for the Education & Employment Committee, Representative Andrade, to the Florida Talent Development Council,” said Sprowls in a news release. “Through his work in the Legislature and in his community, Representative Andrade knows what it takes to cultivate talent for Florida’s job market. He’s been a champion for Florida’s job seekers and will continue to fight for them in this new role.”

The Florida Talent Development Council exists to create a coordinated, data-driven approach to meeting Florida’s needs for a 21st-century workforce that employers and educators use as part of Florida’s talent supply system. The Council is responsible for submitting a strategic plan to identify the fastest-growing industry sectors, recognize future talent demands and assess whether training and certification credentials align with high-demand employment needs and job placement rates.

Andrade was elected to House District 2 in 2018. He currently serves as Majority Whip of the Education & Employment Committee and as a member of the Appropriations Committee. During the 2022 Session, he co-sponsored legislation to require personal finance literacy for Florida high school graduation. He is the co-founder of Onbikes Pensacola, a charity that provides thousands of bicycles to children in Northwest Florida.

“Thank you to Speaker Sprowls for appointing me to the Florida Talent Development Council,”added Andrade. “I’m excited to help keep Florida’s economy strong in this role, and am looking forward to helping develop the vision for Florida’s career pathways to benefit our employers and our future employees.”


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