Christina Pushaw, outspoken Rebekah Jones critic, tapped as DeSantis’ press secretary

by | May 17, 2021

Governor Ron DeSantis has tapped conservative journalist and communicator Christina Pushaw to be his new press secretary.

Pushaw, who most recently worked as a freelance journalist publishing in national conservative outlets like The National Interest and Human Events, landed inside the Governor’s office as DeSantis transitions into campaign season. Born in California, Pushaw carved out a career in communications after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Southern California. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

“Some people are surprised that I’m a conservative because I’m from one of the bluest areas in the country. But that’s precisely what shaped my views on policy. Growing up in California, I’ve seen firsthand the destruction caused by unfettered progressive control,” Pushaw told The Capitolist in an email. “The contrast between my home state of California and my adopted home state of Florida couldn’t be more dramatic.”

In addition to her freelance journalism work, Pushaw worked with conservative public policy organizations in Washington D.C. and has also worked as an international political communications consultant aiding pro-American political leaders and organizations in Eastern Europe, specializing in English-language media. Her experience working with political leaders and other organizations helped hone her skills in an often hostile media environment. One of her clients, Mikheil Saakashvili, has been an outspoken critic of Vladmir Putin.

“Christina Pushaw has distinguished herself as a successful conservative communicator who understands the importance of defending individual freedom and denouncing government overreach and tyranny at home and abroad,” said Helen Aguirre Ferré, who previously worked as communications director for DeSantis. “She comfortably stands up to would-be cyberbullies and those that regularly defame and lie. As such, she is a natural fit to work in Governor DeSantis’ communications shop as he continues to lead Florida safely and successfully through the challenges brought upon our state and nation as a result of a global pandemic.”

Her new job working in the governor’s office won’t be Pushaw’s first foray into Florida. Her father worked as a visiting professor to Florida State University in 1999. But Pushaw first got onto the radar of the DeSantis administration for her willingness to call out the now thoroughly discredited “whistleblower” Rebekah Jones in a series of investigative stories, including a blockbuster exposé in Human Events in February. That story was among the first national media outlets to shine a light on major plot holes in Jones’ claims and in the media narrative she perpetuated. Jones was fired from Florida’s Department of Health last year and is currently awaiting trial on charges that she illegally accessed a state computer network.

Pushaw, though, is looking past all that as her new boss, DeSantis, has a busy schedule in the coming months, starting with this week’s special session to ratify the multi-billion dollar gaming compact DeSantis negotiated with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. After that, he’ll be focused on signing the state budget and identifying potential line-item vetoes, as well as attending dozens of bill signing ceremonies that traditionally fill a Florida governor’s summer schedule.


  1. C. Conley

    What— No mention of the stalking charges brought against her by Rebekah Jones? Court date coming up on Pushaw’s personal calendar.

  2. brianjburgess

    We didn’t mention it because it was dismissed by a judge due to lack of evidence. That seems to be the underlying theme of Rebekah Jones’ life. She makes a lot of sensational accusations but never quite seems to deliver proof when asked for it.

    We chose not to embarrass Jones any further, and we hope she gets the help she needs.

  3. Anonymous

    Classic: “ … we hope she gets the help she needs.”

  4. Anonymous

    Yes the phony scientist, Rebekah Jones, is more of a data entry person. She is a nut job but was initially embraced by the mainstream media and fellow kook, Nikki Fried, who thinks she stands a chance against DeSantis for Governor. Now if you look into Jones past there is a history of run ins with superiors, and resisting arrest. Maybe Jones will become a romance novelist now as her real life experiences with FSU students would make for some interesting stories.

  5. John

    Pushes is under indictment in Maryland. Interesting that that didn’t get mentioned in the article

  6. Tom

    Fried-Jones freaks ticket.
    Extremists, stalkers unity ticket.
    Cannabis in every “pot” & fake data for all.

  7. Jana

    California doesn’t have voter Suppression laws in place. They also don’t have a smug, racist dictator ad governor.

  8. Brian Burgess

    Once again, Pushaw is NOT under “indictment” in Maryland. This is yet another fable spun by Rebekah Jones, where she plants a seed of something then twists it into something else entirely, duping the gullible into believing her.

    The truth, John, is that Jones filed a complaint in Maryland, but didn’t file any evidence to support her complaint, a judge has tossed it out, and that’s the end of the story. But because the judge’s ruling hasn’t been published on the Montgomery County court website yet, Jones is able to show people a screen shot of the page to make it look like there’s an active case.

    Some day most of her followers will wake up and realize she’s been lying to them the whole time.

  9. Tom

    How much whining and lies can we withstand from the stalker advocates on behalf of Fried & Jones.
    Both of them want people to think they are relevant. News flash, they are not. What a great pro freedom Governor. Gov scorecard: 100 year pandemic A. Education, A. Environmental policy A. Budget/spending B. First responders A. Business/jobs A. Law & order A.
    Gov DeSantis has much to offer, youngest chief executive in country, leading by example.
    Serious upcoming party leader.
    National stage awaits after big reelection.

  10. Anonymous

    Rebekah Jones and Nikki Fried. Two peas in a pod and let’s add David Hogg for good measure.

  11. Anonymous

    Active – Trial Date: 06/07/2021 Trial Time:11:00 AMRoom:511
    Trial Type: TRIAL
    Trial Location:191 EAST JEFFERSON ST ROCKVILLE 20850-2325
    Charge and Disposition Information
    (Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)
    Charge No: 001Description:PEACE ORDER: FAIL TO COMPLY
    Statute: CJ.3.1508Description:PEACE ORDER: FAIL TO COMPLY
    Amended Date: CJIS Code:2 0105MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
    Incident Date From: 04/08/2021 To: 04/08/2021 Victim Age:

  12. nail

    so she needs her own spokesperson? She doesn’t belong in the job. Has no idea what the Sunshine Law is or how it relates to her and her boss. But then again, he doesn’t know either.

  13. nail

    trump/desantis jr will never get elected in 2022. He screwed himself. Standing with trump and these Republicans in Congress, he hasn’t got a chance. MTGreene simplified it for the 34% Jews in Florida. They/we will never elect someone who supports this trash!

  14. nail

    In his dreams. After what MTgreene said and the support she gets from trump/desantis. 34% Jewish in Florida honey. Desantis bought the backdoor. They can’t control the uncrolable, they all assume the good and the bad. So far only bad from the Republicans in Congress. Even 59% of Florida would vote for Bidens agenda.

  15. Tom

    Gov Ron is the best Gov in country.
    Whiz kid, can do spirit at 42, Addressing 100 yr pandemic. His accomplishments are many. When the Dems can’t argue the successes they just smear, smear & smear. Please tell us how extremist Dems would have improved fiscal budget, jobs, opportunity, seniors, vaccinations, environmental policy and so on. Gov gets a B plus. You have no agenda except for socialistic policy. Like the song says, “can’t touch this”

  16. Anonymous

    Best Damn Governor in America just got a tough-minded, wildly intelligent and resourceful Press person! Congrats

  17. Michelle

    Maybe not, but his state is in shambles! Gavin Newsom is a joke!

  18. Michelle

    Desantis will be your new President! THANK GOD!

  19. Michelle

    They were dropped! They had no backing whatsoever

  20. Anonymous

    Funny Rebekha filed new criminal charges against the Russian

  21. Anonymous

    Someone who was the press sec for a Ukraine Oligarth should know what to do. But desantis has F himself. To many bad laws that FL has to pay the legal fees and settlements for. They are all for show because he wants the dispicable base. Won’t get it in FL. Gaetz and Greene are taking care of that and Ron lying about the Covid deaths.

  22. Anonymous

    Brian Burgess should learn how to read a docket. Christina is due in court on 6/7/2021.

    • Mork Ork

      Brian Burgess is a political hack and a career liar. He spent his time as a spokesman for Phil Kline who tried to prosecute George Tiller and was so corrupt that he lost his law license. He then was a spokesman for Rick Scott, the perpetrator of the largest medicare fraud in the history of the country. This entire site is nothing but a propaganda piece by people who’ve made a career by being dishonest. Just trash

  23. Tom

    Gov. DeSantis landslide.
    It’s not gong to be close.
    Just saying, the spread is plus 8 DeSantis.
    Nail your going to get hammered.

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