Citing Clinton Coziness, Fant Urges RPOF to Ban A.G. rival Moody

by | Dec 13, 2017

Ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton underpin the conservative case against Ashley Moody, a retired judge and current candidate for Attorney General of Florida. So says rival candidate Jay Fant, who fired a letter to Republican Party Chairman Blaise Ingoglia today urging him to ban Moody from an upcoming meeting. The letter cites a handful of reasons why Fant believes Moody is no conservative. From the letter:

I call your attention to the following:

Taken by itself, her ties to the Clintons are not definitive proof that Moody is a liberal. Nor is the fact that she once sued Donald Trump an indication of her ideology. But there’s also proof that she was once a registered Democrat, coupled with evidence that she kept acting like one even after leaving the party. Combine that with what appears to be RPOF support for Moody with in-kind contributions in the form of staff support, and it’s more than Fant can stomach:

I am asking that our party leadership refuse Ashley Moody access to the annual meeting and immediately discontinue RPOF’s indirect support of her campaign through party resources including the non- allocable in-kinds for staff support that already total over $23,000 as of the November 2017 report.

The race to replace Pam Bondi as Florida Attorney General is already a hot zone. In addition to Moody and Fant, State Representative Frank White is also in the race, and currently leading the money chase with just under $2 million raised so far. Moody is currently in second place with about $1.2 million cash on hand. Fant isn’t far behind, at about $1 million. A fourth Republican candidate, State Representative Ross Spano recently joined the field.

As the election cycle heats up, voters will hear more from her rivals about her Clinton ties. And unless she can demonstrate some conservative bona fides, it may become a signficant issue for her.


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