Computer Coding to Replace Foreign Language Requirements in Florida High Schools?

by | Aug 22, 2017

In what looks to be “out of the box” thinking with a “let’s do something to really benefit our children” mentality, Republican Senator Jeff Brandes of St. Petersburg is proposing a new bill related to education.

The bill (SB 180) would allow Florida high school students to earn foreign language credits by taking a computer coding classes.

Brandes’ bill would give those high school students two credits toward graduation requirements.

While the Florida College System and state universities would recognize the coding classes as foreign language credits, parts and students would have to sign in acknowledgement that out of state university systems may not agree the foreign language requirement has been met.

Students who take the coding courses and earn related industry certifications would be able to satisfy two credits of foreign-language instruction.



  1. Jeremy Smith

    I like the idea, but I don’t see it as a foreign language. You can’t speak Java or SQL in real life. Well, I suppose as much as you could Klingon!

  2. Andrew Ladanowski

    Awesome idea! 2 years for Spanish or 2 years in Java will not make you proficient in either. Kids should be able to choose which they think they will more likely continue using in their career. This bill doesn’t prevent kids from doing both, for those who wish to. We have critical needs in people learning Java. Great Bill!

  3. robertgriffins

    Perhaps you are right, but I believe that in the learning process, children should adapt to different foreign languages. This skill will come in very handy in the future. In addition, there are good translators where you can even do Translate English To Amharic and get an accurate translation, so there should be no problems in the learning process. It’s even interesting – to try to master several languages.

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