COVID-19 update: 5,704 confirmed cases in Florida

by | Mar 30, 2020

Confirmed coronavirus cases continue to rise in Florida, with the number of cases in state jumping by nearly 231 since Monday morning.

According to the Florida Department of Health (DOH), the state now has 5,704 confirmed cases in 5,489 Florida residents. The new total is up from 5,473 confirmed COVID-19 cases that were reported earlier today. The death toll also rose in the state, with state officials reporting 11 deaths, bringing the total virus-related fatalities in the state to 71.

In total, officials reported new 754 cases total today after confirming 912 Sunday.

Most of the new cases continue to appear in South Florida, an area of the state where testing continues to grow. Miami currently has the most cases, with 812 confirmed cases. Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale follow closely with 364 and 257 cases. Areas in Central Florida — mainly Orlando and Tampa Bay — have also become growing hotspots for the outbreak. Orlando currently has 191 cases, while Tampa trails with 156 cases.

Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference earlier today to announce additional measures to prevent the outbreak from spreading. Those include issuing a stay-at-home order for the southern portion of Florida and signing an executive order allowing recently retired first responders and healthcare workers to return to work as the number of positive cases grows.

The DOH has been keeping track of the data in a daily chart that lists each city. News 6 organized that data into an easy-to-read, color-coded map that lists each city and how many patients have been identified there.

Every case identified in Florida is marked on the interactive map with a first aid kit icon. If the icon is black, that means that the city had 100 or more cases, a red icon means the number is between 50 and 99, green indicates 20 to 49 cases and blue is used for anything 19 and under.

To track cases around the state, use the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left to find your region or city. Clicking the icon will show you the exact number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The map will be updated daily, excluding weekends.


  1. Edward Bruce

    Keep the ships that are infected away. Do not bring any more people with Coronavirus here.

    • Fay Spotz

      I said days ago ,when the article about that ship docking came to light,,to NOT let it dock ,but maybe they could assemble a medical team with the equipment needed to treat this virus . It makes absolutely NO sense to bring more cases on shore when these people have pretty much a higher than average than not of already being infected,,keep them out on that ship and send what supplies plus medical teams to treat them in place. It is the ONLY thing in my opinion that makes any sense at all!!DON”T add to the problem in our state,Please!!!Prayers being said for these unfortunate individuals…Thank-you for hearing me out!

  2. Christine

    I agree more out of staters here…go home till this offense to anyone, but people need to get serious about this ..its killing people…come on, use your brains, wear a mask, eye glasses, and scarf or bandana…

  3. Kookie

    The face mask,scarf,bandana are not going to stop you from getting it!the virus can go through them,not to mention it is being spread on the bottoms of shoes.Masks harbor other germs and bacteria.

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