CS Energy to construct three new energy projects in Florida

by | Aug 9, 2021

CS Energy, a leading integrated energy firm that designs and builds optimized projects in the solar, storage and emerging energy industries, is constructing three projects in Florida, increasing the firm’s total national energy storage installation base to over 200 MWh

The New Jersey-based energy company announced its continued growth in the Southeast in a press release, touting its total installation base in the region to 29 MW of solar power and 40 MWh of energy storage.

“We are excited to add to our solar and energy storage project portfolio in the southeast region,” said Eric Millard, Chief Commercial Officer of CS Energy. “Utilities, project owners, and developers can rely on our track record, reliability, and expertise to efficiently and cost-effectively complete their projects.”

Located in Hamilton and Alachua Counties, two of the distributed energy projects are standalone battery energy storage systems (BESS) of 5.5 MWh and 11.5 MWh in capacity. Installed for one of the largest utilities in the US, the strategically placed energy storage systems will be part of a technology pilot program and will be used to address growing peak demand and reduce congestion on the distribution grid.

The third project, a 1 MW solar carport coupled with 23 MWh of energy storage, will provide resiliency and continuity of power, including when the school is used as a community shelter during natural disasters – all while providing savings on the school’s electric bill year-round.

CS Energy noted that all three projects will utilize Doosan GridTech’s digital energy management solution (EMS), a software platform that allows utilities to aggregate and optimize their fleet of distributed energy resources.

“We have been impressed by the technical ingenuity behind Doosan’s EMS, which optimizes solar and storage output and maximizes financial returns for the utility,” said D. Scott Bianchi, Executive Vice President of CS Energy.

The company also added that it cost-effectively designed the energy storage containers for maximum safety and optimal performance, and ensured that all three projects will be completed in advance of hurricane season to mitigate unforeseen, weather-induced delays and potential additional associated costs.

“With over 1 GW of distributed energy projects nationally and extensive energy storage experience, CS Energy is one of the market leaders in solar + storage deployments,” said Troy Nergaard, CEO of Doosan GridTech. “They have been proven to be a trusted and reliable partner that has always gone the extra mile to ensure the highest return on investment for its customers.”


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