Democratic groups that support Bill Nelson target young minority voters in Florida and four other states

by | Sep 24, 2018

A couple of organizations affiliated with the Democratic Party announced Monday a seven-figure digital campaign that will target Florida and four other states aimed at “motivating and mobilizing African-American, Latinx and younger voters to show up at the polls this fall.”

The Senate Majority PAC (SMP) and Priorities USA Action are responsible for the ads (see below). The groups, which have been focused on U.S. Senate races, including Florida’s contest between Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent Bill Nelson, say the campaign highlights “specific issues affecting these communities, as well as the importance of voting and making their voices heard.”

The campaign consists of three spots. One highlights racial divisions within the U.S. It is called, “They Think This is America.” It starts out with video of violent demonstrations by white nationalists groups with the words “They think this is America” superimposed over the video. The spot dissolves to video of more peaceful demonstrations by groups like Black Lives Matter and the words imposed on the screen change to, “but this is America.” It ends by urging young minorities to vote in the November 6 general election.

Another is aimed at minority women and a perceived threat to their access to health care The issue of access to health care by women, especially minority women, The third focuses on young Latina woman who talks about the importance of voting.

“There is too much at stake right now for anyone to stay home and not vote this Election Day,” said J.B. Poersch, president of SMP. “Voters across the country need to see that their access to health care, equal rights and educational opportunities are on the line, and they get a say in the matter. SMP and Priorities are committed to making sure every voter is motivated and ready to make their voices heard this November 6th.”

The ads will appear on various online platforms wherever young voters are tend to ;consume content online, including Facebook, Google, Pinterest and video and audio streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu and Spotify.

“Over the past two years, the American people have marched in the streets, called their representatives and demanded accountability at town hall meetings—and now it’s nearly time for them to vote,” said Patrick McHugh, executive director of Priorities USA Action. “In this crucial election, we can’t afford to take any community or any vote for granted. That’s why Priorities and SMP are launching this digital campaign to make sure that Americans know what’s at stake this November and feel ready to show up and use the power of their vote.”

In addition to Florida, other states that will be targeted by the campaign include: Arizona, Missouri, Indiana and North Dakota



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