Democratic Primary for Special Election in Senate District 40 is Officially Ugly

by | Jul 19, 2017

The Democratic side of the Florida Senate District 40 special election is now getting ugly.

Senate District 40 represents the Miami area. Last session, the former senator, Frank Artiles, resigned from his seat after a tirade at the Governor’s Club in Tallahassee where Artiles admitted to using racial slurs in front of other legislators.

Now, as the special election to replace the shamed former senator really heats up, one Democratic contender, Ana Rivas Logan is receiving support from a political group as they go after her opponent for the Democratic primary, Annette Taddeo.

Floridians for Accountability is flooding Miami mailboxes with campaign fliers offering a comparison between Taddeo and President Donald Trump, related to her family’s wealth.

One headliner: “What do Donald Trump and Annette Taddeo have in common?”

And voters in Miami are also reading “Annette Taddeo’s dirty money is a family affair”.

But not to be outdone, Taddeo has responded with reminding voters that Rivas Logan was once a Republican.

Voting for the primary is this Tuesday, July 25. The winner between Taddeo and Rivas Logan will go on to face the Republican winner along with one non-party affiliate, Christian “He-Man” Schlaerth.

Republicans in the race are Repsentative Jose Felix Diaz, former Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla and attorney Lorenzo Palomares.


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