DeSantis announces $150 million for infrastructure improvements

by | Apr 16, 2021

Governor Ron DeSantis is awarding more than $148 million to Florida communities to make infrastructure improvements.

At a news conference in Lakeland, DeSantis announced that $150 million was being awarded to communities through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity‘s (DEO) Rebuild Florida program to develop large-scale infrastructure projects to safeguard communities from future disasters. The allocation of money is to build a “more resilient infrastructure” to help Florida communities recover from past hurricanes and better prepare for future storms.

“My administration remains committed to providing the resources necessary for Florida communities to build back stronger and be more resilient to future storms,” said DeSantis. “This transformational mitigation funding will go a long way in helping Florida’s communities invest in their futures through critical infrastructure improvements.”

During the press conference, the Governor also outlined a list of areas across the state that will receive funding, including $13.5 million to Miami and another $2.8 million to Orlando.

DeSantis was joined today at Bonnet Springs Park by several lawmakers and officials. On hand to discuss the money being doled out was DEO Executive Director Dane Eagle, who added that the investments will ensure the resiliency of Florida communities by providing high-impact infrastructure projects that will pay dividends for future generations.”

“This is important to make sure this infrastructure happens,’ Eagle said. “The Office of Longterm Resiliency, which is within DEO, our goal is to not only make sure that you’re rebuilding from past storms but really looking ahead to that next storm. We all know as Floridians it’s going to happen again. So, we got to make sure we’re more resilient.”

DeSantis also noted that more money would be coming down the pipe to help prepare Floridians for the upcoming hurricane season.

“Both my initiatives for Resilient Florida and then what the legislature is working on, we’re going to have a steady stream of money to be able to deal with resiliency and different infrastructure needs,” DeSantis added.


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