DeSantis holds massive fundraising advantage with one month to go

by | Oct 17, 2022

  • Combined funds in both Ron DeSantis’s campaign account and an affiliated committee total $102 million
  • Charlie Crist’s accounts have about $2.9 million between them
  • In the week after Hurricane Ian, both campaigns raised roughly equal funds

TALLAHASSEE — Entering the final weeks of the 2022 campaign, Gov. Ron DeSantis holds a massive financial advantage over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist.

Newly filed reports show DeSantis had about $102 million in available cash in his political committee and campaign account as of Oct. 7, almost exactly a month before the Nov. 8 gubernatorial election.

Crist had about $2.9 million in cash on hand in his political committee and campaign account.

DeSantis, who is widely considered a potential 2024 presidential candidate, has drawn huge chunks of money from across the country.

Consider this: As of Oct. 7, Crist’s Friends of Charlie Crist political committee had raised about $12.282 million since being formed in May 2021, according to a report posted Friday on the state Division of Elections website.

In July, meanwhile, DeSantis’ Friends of Ron DeSantis committee received a single contribution of $10 million from Nevada businessman Robert Bigelow. And in April 2021, it received a $5 million contribution from hedge-fund manager Kenneth Griffin.

Those two contributions exceeded all of the money Crist’s committee has raised.

Among other large donors to the DeSantis committee have been the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which has made two $1 million contributions this year, and the conservative Club for Growth PAC, which made a $2 million contribution.

Reports filed Friday reflected financial activity from Oct. 1 through Oct. 7, the first full week after Hurricane Ian hit Florida. DeSantis’ fundraising slowed during the week, though he brought in a combined total of about $1.071 million for his committee and campaign. Crist collected about $1.14 million for his committee and campaign.

Cash on hand takes into account money raised previously and spent. The Friends of Ron DeSantis committee had nearly $93 million on hand, while DeSantis’ campaign had about $9.22 million available as of Oct. 7, the reports show.

The Friends of Charlie Crist committee had about $1.172 million on hand, while Crist’s campaign had about $1.726 million available, the reports show.

Crist, a congressman from St. Petersburg and former governor, has received significant financial support from labor unions and plaintiffs’ attorneys. As examples, his committee in early October received a $50,000 contribution from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and a $50,000 contribution from the personal-injury firm Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, according to the reports.

In a fundraising email Friday, Crist’s campaign said it needed “top grassroots donors to make an urgent donation.”

“Our worst fear is that we wake up after the 2022 election and have a second term with Ron DeSantis as governor,” the email said. “At that point, there won’t be anything else we can do.”


  1. dolphincritic

    Early voting starts in Broward County on October 26th! I hope everyone will get out and vote! I pray that evryone realizes this election is critical because the left wants you to vote for their horrible economic strategy and their domineering fascist overloarding. Keep Florida free and in the black vote for DeSantis and the real conservatives, not the Progressives who are using fake ads to trick you!

  2. dmmorrison

    Speaking of fascism, Republicans want to take us there much faster. They’ve announced that they will end your Social Security and Medicare, your wife’s and daughter’s reproductive rights, your freedom to marry whom your want and your kids’ freedom to learn American history and even math (!). Republicans will also bankrupt us with their tax giveaways to corporations and other GOP donors. They’ll give big companies the freedom to raise prices even higher. They’ll prevent you from bargaining for better pay and working conditions. They’ll sicken and even kill you with their hostility to science and medicine. If you happen to come from Latin America, they’ll prevent your family members and former compatriots from fleeing communism and authoritarianism. If you’re Jewish, they’ll spread all kinds of conspiracy theories about your “dual loyalties,” your alleged greed and other anti-semitic tropes. In sum, unless you’re white and rich, they’ll make your life hell.

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