DeSantis preps to reopen the state

by | Apr 15, 2020

Governor Ron DeSantis is assembling a task force to help study and implement ways to reopen businesses in the state of Florida.

Speaking at his daily press briefing on Wednesday, DeSantis told members of the media that he would use the task force to “very quickly” come up with solutions to end the Sunshine State’s lengthy shutdown.

“Time is of the essence, and we want to make sure we’re getting the best ideas possible,” DeSantis told reporters in Tallahassee.

The governor said the task force has yet to be assembled, but the names of those individuals will be released by the end of the week. He went on to say that he’ll be considering people from a variety of sectors, including elected officials and leaders in the business, education, and agriculture communities.

“I’ll be seeking advice and ideas on pretty much everything under the sun,” said DeSantis. “Small business, agriculture, restaurants, tourism, large events and conventions, recreation, international travel, K through 12, as well as higher education.”

The leaders selected will ultimately be tasked with finding safe ways to reopen restaurants, non-essential businesses, schools, and other everyday operations.

Currently, Florida is under a safer-at-home order until April 30.

While it is unclear whether DeSantis will extend the stay-at-home order, many insiders believe he will gradually attempt to reopen parts of the state after he signaled last week the possibility of reopening schools in Florida.

DeSantis did not say when he plans to re-open the state and under what conditions, but he did note that he’s been in contact with the White House, and will continue to follow their advice.


  1. Patricia Jones

    Do not think opening the schools is a good idea. Only a few more weeks left in the school year.
    I sure dont want my grandchildren or any of their friend sick.
    I do feel bad for the graduates.

  2. Renee

    Agree. Schools should not be in the front line of openings. Let student finish the year on line. Ok to do a safe graduation for class of 2020

  3. Jennifer

    With the school issue also, we need to consider the age of a good number of the teachers, staff and bus drivers! We want our kids safe AND the large number of the aforementioned group!

    • FL patriot

      desantis is a moron and puppet of this
      incompetent sociopath Trump and don’t care
      how many Floridians they kill.

  4. FL citizen

    If you think you could do better then run for office. ALL elected officials are in uncharted waters and I believe they are all trying to do the best that they can. Try offering a solution. Your negativity does not help!

  5. Cecelia Welch

    I did not see medical experts, especially infectious disease doctors, named in the task force. The Governor said the task force would have leaders from all areas. Well, he is missing the most important of all.

    Governor DeSantis should make the decision of when to reopen the state on advice from medical experts and not on any politics. Then proceed to put together a task force on how to reopen, which should also include these medical experts.

    • Anonymous

      IF it were up to the medical profession we would stay this way until a vaccine is found…….. how long could that take.

      If you are at risk, stay home.

  6. Walker

    You are absolutely right. No reason to ppen schools, the school year is almost over. But put the teachers back to work. They can plan and get ready for next year.

  7. Anonymous

    Teachers are working, I’ve worked more hours now than ever in a week.

  8. Delia

    Time to hunker down and keep the virus at bay. Schools should be maintained closed for the remainder of the school year. Too soon to think it’s ok to go back to normal. Please stop blaming the government for acts that we’re clearly out of everyone’s control. Let’s keep America and it’s citizens safe from this deadly virus

  9. Mary

    Open the schools NOW! Herd immunity will give any kids that become sick in the next few weeks the summer to recooperate! We believe many of the kids have already had this and kids will build up an immunity to it! Let’s GO!

  10. Mary

    Yes and so are Parents!

  11. Will

    It is beyond stupid to think you can “hide” from a virus! Kids will get this whether we like it or not either now, the summer or the fall! Get them back to school now so we can stop crippling this economy! People need to get back to work Now!

  12. Will

    Kids get sick all the time and on the front lines to build up an immunity to this now! Get them back to school inoculating them before the fall!

  13. Mary Ann

    Don’t like what/how things are being done? Than MOVE!

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