DeSantis recommends $80 Million investment in UF’s semiconductor institute

by | Jan 26, 2024

Gov. Ron DeSantis included an $80 million investment for the University of Florida’s new Semiconductor Institute in his budget proposal, designed to advance the state’s semiconductor industry through research, education, and public-private partnerships.

Gov. Ron DeSantis stated on Friday that he has recommended an allocation of $80 million for the University of Florida’s (UF) newly-announced Semiconductor Institute, aimed at providing coordination within Florida’s burgeoning semiconductor industry.

“Now looking forward and this legislative session, we have put in the governor’s recommended budget — I’m not sure both houses have picked this up yet, although I think likely one of them will soon — we’re recommending $80 million for the University of Florida for a semiconductor Institute in conjunction with the University of Florida and that’s for capital costs, as well as operating costs,” said the governor. “That will not only be good for students, you’re going to end up seeing businesses want to come and locate alongside that.”

According to the university, the semiconductor institute, which was announced in October, will serve as a hub for coordinating activities related to the development and manufacturing of microchips in Florida. It will also advise the state and promote public-private partnerships to support the industry in the state.

The institute’s founding comes after a series of federal investments to revitalize the state’s semiconductor manufacturing industry in the United States and advance chip technology research.

“Microchips are an integral part of our society. The Florida Semiconductor Institute will serve as a hub to coordinate activities that will support the development and manufacturing of these vital chips here in Florida,” UF President Ben Sasse said. “In addition to advancing Research and Development and educational opportunities, the FSI will advise the state and foster public-private partnerships to enhance what is already a vibrant microchip industry in Florida.”

The FSI will serve as a central hub for more than 60 faculty members from various departments in UF’s College of Engineering, along with academic partners from other Florida universities and private entities.

The initiative’s stated goal is to double the state’s semiconductor workforce within the next five years by offering university-level courses and professional training programs.


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