DeSantis transition team posts “Help Wanted” sign

by | Nov 19, 2018

The “help wanted” sign went up on the incoming administration of Governor-elect Ron DeSantis on Monday.

The DeSantis Transition team announced the launch of the official transition website:

The website features an application portal for those who might have an interest in working for the DeSantis administration. The portal allows those interested  in working for the new administration to submit resumes and applications.

“Campaigns are meant to be vigorously debated contests of ideas and competing visions for the future.  The campaign for governor achieved this objective as evidenced by historic voter turnout from people of all parties across our state,” DeSantis says in a message posted on the transition website.

“But campaigns of ideas must give way to governing and bringing people together to secure Florida’s future.  With the campaign now over, that’s where all of my focus will be.

“And, to this end, I invite Mayor (Andrew) Gillum to join me in the days ahead in a conversation about the future of our great state,” goes on to say in his message. “We have both traveled the state and met Floridians from all walks of life.  Sharing these experiences will, I believe, help us unite our state and build toward unity on behalf of the people of Florida.”

Appearing on MSNBC Monday morning, Gillum offered his former opponent some advice.

“Very quickly, bring in a diverse set of people,” Gillum said.

“Mr. DeSantis, I would hope, would take this as an opportunity to acknowledge that half the people in this state voted differently, and they wanted a different outcome,” Gillum added. “If he really means to be governor for all the people of the state of Florida and not just those that voted for him, that means he’s going to have to make some outreaches.”

The race between DeSantis and Gillum was very close with less than 33,000 votes, or a 0.4 percent difference, separating the candidates following an automatic machine recount that was triggered by state law, but failed to fall within the 0.25  percent requirement for a hand recount.

“In the weeks ahead, we will keep recruiting the best and brightest who want to work to keep Florida on a path of prosperity and opportunity for all,” DeSantis ends his message on the transition website. “May God bless our great State of Florida.”









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