DeSantis Watch: political partnership seeks to “hold Florida’s governor accountable”

by | Jul 12, 2022

  • Florida Watch and Progress Florida are partnering to launch a new watchdog group, called DeSantis Watch, that will be tasked with holding Governor Ron DeSantis accountable
  • The collaborative project seeks to shine a spotlight on the “failures of Governor Ron DeSantis” and inform Florida voters about his “future political ambitions”
  • DeSantis Watch also released a video alongside today’s announcement

Governor Ron DeSantis is on the rise and people across the nation are watching every move he makes. From excessive 2024 presidential speculation to out-of-state officials taking aim, it seems like all eyes have been fixated on DeSantis lately. That trend continued on Tuesday with a new partnership promising to keep tabs on the popular governor.

Florida Watch and Progress Florida announced on Tuesday that they are teaming up to launch DeSantis Watch, a new watchdog group tasked with holding Florida’s governor accountable. The collaborative project seeks to shine a spotlight on the “failures of Governor Ron DeSantis” and keep Florida voters in the loop about his “future political ambitions.”

“Ron DeSantis cares about one thing and one thing only: himself,” said DeSantis Watch Communications Director Anders Croy. “DeSantis Watch is here to hold the Governor accountable for his focus on policies that help him raise money from out-of-state billionaires and corporate donors at the expense of Floridians who are doing everything right but can’t afford the freedom of a roof over their heads or access to quality health care. We refuse to let Ron DeSantis continue using the people of Florida as stepping stones on his climb up the political ladder.”

In a press release, DeSantis Watch also noted that it will take a grassroots approach and use everything in its arsenal — such as paid digital advertising and the use of social media and email campaigns — to mobilize Floridians and turn out voters to defeat DeSantis in November.

“No matter your background, how much money you earn, or who you love, every Floridian should have the freedom to know that with hard work, the American Dream is within your grasp,” said DeSantis Watch Constituencies Director Natasha Sutherland. “But for far too many hardworking people in our state, that possibility is increasingly out-of-reach due to Governor DeSantis’ relentless commitment to harming our communities to help his corporate benefactors and his own ambition for higher office. Unlike the Governor who uses Floridians as pawns for his own personal gain, DeSantis Watch will put the people of our state front and center as the heroes of their own stories.”

Alongside Tuesday’s announcement, DeSantis Watch also launched its first video, adding that DeSantis “doesn’t care” about Floridians and is using them as a “stepping stone” for his political gain. The video has amassed over 4,000 views on Twitter.


  1. Anonymous

    Why don’t you call yourselves Prada or the Comrade or some other such socialist/communist name? That would be in-line with our ideology. Why don’t you blame DeSantis for Biden’s failures?

  2. John

    DeSantis needs to be accountable for what he’s done to Floridians.

    • Anonymous

      Wow…then remainder of the country wishes thier governor would do the same to them. Holding him accountable means electing him to another term and then making him President.
      Why do you think he’s so popular.

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