Does Alex Diaz de la Portilla Know He’s Filed for the Wrong Race?

by | May 23, 2017

Although Alex Diaz de la Portilla has announced plans to run for the special election for the Senate District 40 primary slated in July, it appears he filed paperwork for the wrong election cycle. Fortunately, he still has about a week to correct the error. On May 3, 2017, he filed to run in the Senate District 40 race, as part of the 2018 general election. But if he wants to run in the Senate District 40 special election, he’s in the wrong race.

The Division of Elections says they’ve not received a request from Diaz de la Portilla to amend the paperwork. The division updates that information immediately.

Multiple messages to Diaz de la Portilla and his campaign were not returned.

The race has become a game of dominoes for Miami voters. First, former senator Frank Artiles resigned from his senate seat, after throwing a slew of racial slurs at another Florida senator.

Second, the governor set the special election dates to replace Artiles.

Third, State Rep. Jose Felix Diaz has officially entered the special election for Senate District 40 race and therefore, by law, announced he’s officially vacating his current seat, House District 116.

Fourth, that means the governor has set the special election for House District 116.

As of today, the State Division of Elections lists the following candidates who’ve filed to run in the Senate District 40 race:

  • Baez, Daisy J. (DEM)
  • Diaz, Jose Felix (REP)
  • Logan, Ana Rivas (DEM)
  • Palomares Starbuck, Lorenzo (REP)
  • Schlaerth, Christian “He-Man” (NPA)
  • Taddeo, Annette (DEM)

Of note, State Rep. Daisy Baez is still in the race, although she’s announced she’s decided to not run. Baez says instead she’ll concentrate on her family, while continuing to serve in her current capacity as a representative.




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