Emoji-Meter: Election Day 3, Florida Elections, Chris Sprowls, and more!

by | Nov 5, 2020


Sometimes words just aren’t enough.

Election Day 3

We knew it would be close, but we didn’t expect Election Day to turn into a week-long marathon. At the moment, President Donald Trump trails Democrat Joe Biden, 253-213. While Trump still has a chance to win re-election, his window to retain the White House continues to narrow as votes come in. In order to overcome Biden’s lead, Trump MUST win Pennsylvania, and snag three out of the four remaining states — Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada. While this election could drag into the weekend, we could find out the winner later today.

Florida Elections

Unlike other swing states still counting votes, Florida managed to process all their votes and report a winner on Election Night (the first one). Usually the laughingstock of every election process, the Sunshine State showed how elections and vote tallying should be conducted moving forward. Florida Man must’ve moved to states like Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Florida Republicans

The Florida GOP deserves a lot of props for their efforts in getting voters to the polls. Thanks to Republican leaders like Joe Gruters, Manny Diaz, Chris Sprowls and Wilton Simpson, the party picked up five seats in the House and held the line in the Senate. They also delivered the state for Trump, overperforming in counties like Miami-Dade. The future of the Republican Party resides in Florida.

Chris Sprowls

Speaker-Designate Sprowls announced his leadership team for the 2021 Session on Thursday. The Clearwater Republican tapped Rep. Bryan Avila as Speaker Pro Tempore and Rep. Mike Grant as Majority Leader. Rep. Jay Trumbull will head the Appropriations Committee, while Rep. Paul Renner will lead the Rules Committee. Others finding prominent roles in the House include Rep. Blaise Ingoglia (Commerce), Rep. Chris Latvala (Education & Employment), Rep. Colleen Burton (Health and Human Services), Rep. Daniel Perez (Judiciary), Rep. Bobby Payne (Ways & Means), Rep. Erin Grall (Public & Integrity), Rep. Tom Leek (Pandemics and Public Emergencies), and Rep. Ralph Massullo (State Affairs).


Regardless of who ends up winning the presidential election, polling got it horribly wrong in 2020. Americans jaded by back-to-back elections where pollsters “jumped the shark” will no longer look at a poll the same. At this point, their industry is done, and pollsters need to find a new field or learn to code.





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