Emoji-Meter: ACB, Trump, Biden and more!

by | Oct 29, 2020


Sometimes words just aren’t enough.

Amy Coney Barrett

ACB was sworn during a White House ceremony Monday night, following a vote 52-48 vote that saw her nomination be confirmed by the Senate. The high chamber handed President Donald Trump a victory with less than a week remaining until Election Day. With the confirmation, Barret became the 115th justice and the fifth woman to sit on the Supreme Court.

Trump Campaign

The “Trump Train” continues to target the all-important bellwether of Florida, making a stop in Tampa on Thursday to hold another rally inside the Sunshine State. The Make America Great Again Victory Rally is being held outside the Raymond James Stadium, and will feature a host of Republican candidates, as well as President Donald Trump.

Biden Campaign

Also targeting the important piece of real estate is Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Unlike Trump’s rally — that is open to any attendees — the Biden campaign is holding a 6 p.m. drive-in rally at location only being disclosed to supporters and media that will be attending.

Early Voting

With just 5 days remaining until Election Day, Americans are breaking records, casting over 79 million early votes. As of Thursday morning, 7.3 million early votes had been cast in Florida, marking 80 percent of the state’s total votes in 2016.

Florida Presidential Polls

With both camps dueling for the heart of Florida today, a new poll released on Thursday shows that Biden continues to hold a slim lead over Trump in the Sunshine State. An NBC News/Marist poll found Biden with 51 percent of likely voters’ support to Trump’s 47 percent in Florida. The poll’s margin of error is 4.4 points






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