Emoji-Meter: Matt Gaetz, Byron Donalds, and more!

by | Aug 20, 2020


Sometimes words just aren’t enough.

Matt Gaetz

The Florida congressman had a successful primary election, easily winning the Republican primary for Florida’s 1st Congressional District. He also endorsed five winners on Tuesday, proving that his name on a campaign can carry it to victory.

Kat Cammack

Battling it out in a 10-person Republican primary for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, Cammack defied the odds and convincingly defeated her opponents in her bid to replace her former boss. The businesswoman will now go on to face Democrat Adam Christensen, who she should easily dispatch in November on her way to representing the conservative stronghold.

Florida Everglades Trust

It was a bad primary for the Trust. The group backed a host of candidates this election cycle, with many of them going down in flames. Notable losers they endorsed included “Republican” Heather Fitzenhagen, GOP congressional candidate Casey Askar, and Democrat Irv Slosberg

Byron Donalds

Possibly the most impressive win of the night, the former state representative edged out a group of strong candidates Tuesday to capture the Republican nomination for Florida’s 19th Congressional District. Even with a text messaging fiasco that could’ve derailed his campaign, Donalds finished strong, earning a victory phone call from President Donald Trump. After publicly touting Donalds as the next big thing last year, it’s safe to say that the president was happy with how CD 19 played out.

Judson Sapp

Trotting out a host of GOP stars, Sapp was a front-runner in the race to replace Congressman Ted Yoho. Despite the starstudded endorsements, the businessman was unable to get it done Tuesday. But with his deep connections and inner circle of Republican politicos, could we see Sapp back in the political arena? We think so.



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  1. Harold Finch

    Sapp ran a very poor campaign, is not a prolific individual and got out-smarted by Kammack! His campaign manager/consultant Brian Graham really dropped the ball!!!!

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