Emoji-Meter: Nikki Fried, Joe Gruters, Brendan Farrington, NASA and more!

by | May 28, 2020

The Capitolist Emoji-Meter for May 22-28, 2020:



Sometimes words just aren’t enough.

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis maintains the status quo on Florida’s Supreme Court by replacing his previous conservative appointees with two new ones. Good enough for us.

Nikki Fried

She just can’t stop trying to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic for political gain. This week, she expressed unfounded doubts about the state’s COVID-19 data based on the now thoroughly debunked allegations made by Rebekah Jones.  Give it a rest already.

Joe Gruters

Made a pitch to move the Republican National Convention to Florida from Democrat-controlled North Carolina. Whether it happens or not, Gruters gave Trump some leverage.

Brendan Farrington

As one of Florida’s most respected political journalists, the Associated Press reporter took a deep-dive into the Rebekah Jones saga over the weekend, giving her allegations serious consideration. In the end, the most he could conclude was that she disagreed with her superiors over the functionality of the state’s COVID-19 dashboard.  What he didn’t find: evidence backing up any of Jones’ wild accusations of a coverup.


Millions of people watched the NASA livestream of the Dragon capsule launch countdown, only to be disappointed when it was scrubbed for weather with just 15 minutes to go. The interest is still there. Now America’s space agency just needs to deliver.

Elon Musk

After the launch was scrubbed, Musk charged his Tesla and grabbed a burger at 5 Guys. The closest thing America has to Bond villian, he’s really just a regular guy. One who needs to move Tesla’s HQ to Florida!


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  1. Pam

    Just found this nutty site searching for update on covid stats and unemployment and cabinet meetings. I am living proof that Desantis is hiding info stats etc. I have personal knowledge that he covered up covid stats at FDOC and have been waiting for my unemployment claims to be paid since march.
    Dont know who the heck you are a trumpite communist a desantis clone or his cult co leader but you are misinformed and should stop attacking people like nikki fried and any one else who critisizes your alien leaders. Somebody needs to beam or transport your ilk straight to the Sun. Shame on you. Feel free to post this on your site. No one will read it cuz no one follows things like you.

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