Emoji-Meter: Nikki Fried, Roger Lolly, Randy Fine, and more!

by | Jul 9, 2020


Sometimes words just aren’t enough.

Nikki Fried

Taking a break from political grandstanding, Fried finally filed her 2019 financial disclosure last week, revealing a secret stake in a marijuana company that she hid from public view for 18 months. Worse, she claimed she hid her ownership to avoid any conflict of interest. But blind trusts for elected officials are specifically designed to prevent the elected official from knowing what’s in them, they aren’t just tools for hiding assets from the public.

Florida’s Political Reporters

For eight years, Florida’s once-vaunted capital press corps hounded Governor Rick Scott about the assets in his blind trust. The trust allowed Scott to make policy decisions as governor without knowing which stocks he owned in his investment portfolio on a daily basis. That didn’t stop Florida’s media from constantly writing about his vast wealth and investments as if he ran for governor only to further enrich himself.

Now Nikki Fried comes along and uses a blind trust to hide her assets from the public, not from herself. This is completely the opposite of how blind trusts are supposed to work. But how many stories have Florida political reporters written about this flagrant ethical lapse?  Z-E-R-O.

Roger Lolly

Mr. Fort Myers “Moneybags” has a lot of explaining to do. Serving as the Founder of the If I Can Dream Foundation (IICDF), Lolly, a Republican running for the 78th State House District, has been taking taxpayer dollars to line his pockets — and those of his friends. In 2018, he offered each special needs student a $250 gift card to sit through his 50-hour program. Sounds pretty generous, until you find out the state paid him $3,000 for every student he could entice to attend. Some “philanthropist,” huh?

Mask Mandates

Mandatory mask orders in a public setting are springing up across Florida, with counties seeking to penalize — through fines and possible jail time — those who fail to comply with these overreaching mandates. Fortunately, GOP leaders are pushing back against the requirement, with several counties changing the language and penalties associated with the directive. Here at The Capitolist, we’re pro-mask, but staunchly anti-mandate.

Randy Fine

Never afraid to stand on the foundation of truth, Fine, who represents the 53rd District in the Florida House, called out his Republican primary opponent for dismissing sexual assault and child abuse allegations against her campaign manager. In a scathing video, Fine brought to light Marcie Adkins’ willingness to defend Robert Burns’ behavior. Fine also released the official police reports to back up his claims.




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