Emoji-Meter: RNC, DNC, Florida Chamber, and more!

by | Aug 28, 2020


Sometimes words just aren’t enough.


Besides Kimberly Guilfoyle awkward shouting her speech at nobody, the Republican National Convention (RNC) posted a strong 4-day event that centered on protecting American values and restarting the economy’s engine. The convention was capped on in epic fashion, with President Donald Trump delivering a strong, pro-America speech on Thursday night. Kudos to the president’s speechwriter. His message was clear: The American Dream is really just a nightmare to Democrats.


Meanwhile, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) did very little to convince voters to flock to the polls for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. 4 straight days of blasting Trump may seem like a good idea on paper, but failing to establish an agenda that Americans can get behind could cripple Democrats’ chances in November.

Florida Chamber

The pro-business advocacy group continued to roll out endorsements this week. On Thursday, the group stamped their seal of approval on 12 House candidates. Today’s endorsements include Michelle Salzman, Patt Maney, Joe Harding, Webster Barnaby, Jeremy Sisson, Kaylee Tuck, Fiona McFarland, Christine Hunschofsky, David Borrero, Alex Rizo, Demi Busatta Cabrera, and James “Jim” Vernon Mooney Jr.

Brian Mast

The congressman, who served in the Army before losing both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan, got raked over the coals after disgusting comments he made about rape and having sex with 15-year-old children surfaced. Mast made the deeply disturbing remarks on Facebook in 2009 and 2011. Fast forward over a decade later, and many are now calling for the veteran to step down for his vile comments. He also received backlash from Black Lives Matter activists after last night’s RNC, with the group surrounding and berating him.

Kat Cammack

Fresh off her victory in last week’s Republican primary, the GOP nominee for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District kicked off her quest to November by rolling out more endorsements for her campaign. The businesswoman touted endorsements from the National Right to Life PAC and Senator Dennis Baley.




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